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As the first month of 2019 is coming to an end, it’s already projected to be a great year for us here at ON Advertising. One of the reasons is because of all of our new clients! In fact, we have recently announced on our social media pages, Craft 1861 has become a client of ours. We are excited for them to join the team and to help grow their brand!

What is Craft 1861?

Craft 1861 is the new and improved CBD experience, providing different moods and effects through a variety of merchandise. From recovering post-workout to connecting on a deeper level with friends, they provide natural, mood-based, quality products. The different mediums of CBD that are available include creams, tinctures, mood strips, and vapes.  

The reason behind the name “Craft” stems from the tagline “craft your mood, craft your experience.” The company wants to allow consumers to experience the positive effects of CBD in a safe and controlled way.

Who are they and how did they start?

Craft 1861 started in northern California with over 700 CBD farms, fostering a community-based environment for vendors, partners, creators, and hand packers. They believe in “respecting the plant,” focusing on sustainability and the earth’s surroundings. In fact, they grow their CBD pure and pesticide-free, giving their consumers a non-toxic product.

How is ON going to help Craft 1861?

We’re excited to help Craft spread their vision and brand to help others enjoy the therapeutic experience of CBD. We are going to be assisting in social media, content creation, and advertising. We will also be using the talents of the Craft brand ambassadors for influencer marketing to reach the ideal audience.

We can’t wait to see how the Craft brand grows throughout the next few months. At ON Advertising, we believe in a business-based approach by looking at the bottom line growth for our clients. We work as partners with our clients to create innovative ideas that complement their brand, giving them a chance for success. Contact us if you are looking for a marketing partner for your brand and business.

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