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The ON team staring at a bunch of emojis

How Emojis Help Consumer Engagements

We love using emojis! With more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world, 6 billion emotes are sent in text messages every single day. They have not only redefined how we communicate with each other, but they are also proving to have a tremendous impact on the marketing and advertising industry.

For Social Media

When we use emojis in our social media posts, we notice more engagement. They are powerful tools that help our marketing messages stick with our audience. For example, studies show that they are used in a tweet, engagement increases by 25.4%. If they are used in a Facebook post, the number of likes increase by 57% and the number of comments and shares rise by 33%.

For Email Marketing

For Chompie’s, we noticed that email campaigns that include emojis in the subject line are more successful than those that do not. Studies show that if a business chooses to include emojis in their email subject lines, open rate increases by 56%, unique opens increase by 3.29%, unique clicks increase by 6.28%, and click-through rate increases by 18.93%.

For Brand Voice

When trying to differentiate your brand from the competition, it can be somewhat challenging to find your unique brand voice. Emojis add personality to text and can make a message appear as more friendly and relatable, thus resonating with more consumers. When using them, we can add emotions to a message, ultimately distinguishing our brand voice from others.
No matter what your marketing strategy, emojis can be beneficial for generating excellent results. Here at ON Advertising, we use emojis in our clients’ social media posts as well as email marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement. We also frequently use them in our daily communication among our team members. We all have our favorites (see photo).
For more information on how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please contact us here.

Why Should You Engage in Facebook Live

Have you ever wondered if there is more you could be doing for your brand on Facebook? Are the photos and graphics you’re posting not getting the engagement you had hoped they would get? Have you ever thought about using Facebook Live? It’s an excellent tool for your company to help grab an audience’s attention and engage them in your brand on Facebook.
In fact, Facebook Live can provide viewers with unique content that cannot be easily shown in a photo or graphic. Much like your planned social media strategy, it is important you plan out exactly what you are wanting to feature and the dialogue, so you are always providing quality content. Not sure where to start? Read more below to get started!

Address Questions

There may be a blog out there that has your audience wanting to know more, or maybe you have been getting repeated questions from customers. Facebook Live is a great place to answer these questions because nowadays, consumers rarely read a long paragraph of text. Answering questions in a live event can be more intriguing for your audience and an easier way to address questions in depth.

Show an Inside Look

Many consumers only see what is on the outside of your business; they see what is publicly available but not inside the operations. Give them a behind the scenes look on some of the more exciting activities you have going on. Whether it’s the back kitchen, behind the scenes of a photo shoot, or a work outing, consumers will see a different side to your company. This can make them feel more connected to your business, giving them even more reason to stay engaged in you and what you are selling.


Using Facebook Live is a great way to make viewers think they are getting an “exclusive” look into a new product or event. When companies showcase new products on Facebook Live, their audience may feel as though they are getting a unique advantage to the brand. It’s a cost-effective way to show a revealing of a product to more viewers.
Facebook Live can make people feel connected to your brand and can give your audience a different viewpoint on your company as a whole. Here at ON Advertising, we utilize Facebook Live for many of our clients, and we have seen positive results and received positive feedback. If you would like to learn more about how your business could be using Facebook Live to improve your brand and improve your social media strategy, give us a call!

Meet Our Passionate Social Media Manager

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to our social media star, Michelle, and the tools, tips, and tricks she uses to manage all ON’s social media accounts. Well, now we get to learn more about her personal story. Michelle Berry is an Arizona native who knew she belonged in the advertising and marketing world but didn’t know how. A few years out of college she discovered her love and passion for social media, and from there she has been able to share her talent and knowledge with the ON family and all of our clients. Read on to learn more about she spends her days in the office, what she’s genuinely passionate about, tips to staying organized in the crazy world of social media and more!

So, tell us, how long have you been working for ON?

I have worked for ON Advertising for one year this month and it has flown by.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

One thing I have been focusing a lot on is the social media for the agency. Getting a consistent posting schedule in order and making sure our brand reflects our work and the work we do for our clients, present, and future. What I learned early on in my career is if a company or brand is looking for an agency, especially for social media work, why should they hire an agency whose social media isn’t fresh and on point so it’s been my goal to have a rockin’ social media presence.
Another client that has some cool things going on is Chompie’s! They’re already a great brand to be working with but being able to implement Facebook Live videos once a month and being able to utilize the Instagram Story Highlights tool for them has been a lot of fun and it really is gratifying work. 

What would you say is the hardest part about being a social media manager?

Staying organized is probably the hardest part of my job. I’m already a pretty organized person when it comes down to it, but when you are managing more than ten clients with multiple social media platforms, it can get a little chaotic. But if you have a solid system in place, to-do lists, calendars, and checklists, to keep all the moving parts in order, then it makes life and work a lot easier.

We know how much you love your job but what are some of your passions?

Other than trying to save every animal I possibly can, I only have so much space, it would be Alzheimer’s research and working to find a cure. My grandpa (fondly known as Boppa) lost a ten year battle with Alzheimer’s about four years ago, and after his death, it was eating me up inside that I wasn’t doing anything to help aid this cause. I found out that Phoenix has a yearly Alzheimer’s walk so near the one year anniversary of his passing my mom, and I participated which was such an amazing experience but it didn’t feel like enough. And as if by some divine intervention I received an email from the Desert Southwest Alzheimer’s Association chapter asking for volunteers to join the walk planning committee. I signed up without a second thought and attended my first meeting. From there I became the Marketing and Outreach Committee Chair, grown my committee, and now it is my second year as the chair, and the third year I’ll be walking. While there is not a cure yet, the money we have been able to raise, even in just this year alone, we know is helping fund the research to help find the cure. It always feels like such a small gesture, but I know it’s helping. So really, my passion and work are almost one in the same. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I am a firm believer in data being able to tell a story of how your social media efforts are doing and what you could be doing better. I love doing the monthly social media reports for all of our clients because I get to see how the hard work as well as the small changes and ideas I wanted to try are doing. And when I look at their numbers improving it is just so rewarding. It’s that small validation that we all seek at some point or another that we have found our niche and we are good at what we do. Seeing those increase in followers or impressions is my validation.

What inspires you to succeed every day?

Of course, being able to give my animals (I actually have three cats and one dog, other two not pictured) the very best life they could ever hope for but I also put pressure on myself to succeed which can be a double-edged sword. But I believe if I didn’t put that pressure on myself I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How do you recharge?

If I have the time and want to recharge for the week ahead, I’m all about #SelfcareSunday. I take a long bath, do a face and hair mask and just sit and try not to think about anything. It can be very relaxing, but it takes a lot to shut my mind off completely. But when time is not on my side, I try to do at least an hour of yoga a day. I never thought I could be the person who thinks of nothing during their practice, but when my body is in some uncomfortable position where a pretzel is less twisted than I am, I can’t think about work. It’s so refreshing to have at least one hour a day where my mind isn’t going a million miles a minute. And it probably helps my phone isn’t near me, so I’m not always checking my emails. (And yes I am guilty of working on vacation.)
Michelle is the strong personality we need here at ON. She does a great job of managing our social media and finding new innovative ways to enhance our work. We are so grateful to have her as a part of the ON team. Her spunky attitude keeps us all going throughout the day and we can always count on her for a laugh when we’re feeling down or a Pandora station filled with new music that we haven’t heard yet. Our team at ON wouldn’t be complete without her. 

People working at a table on freshening up their website's content

How to Freshen Up Your Brand’s Content

The world is constantly changing when it comes to business trends, new technology, and consumer preferences. Having up to date content on your online platforms to reflect new trends in your industry is a key component of being successful in marketing. Sometimes, you may find yourself running out of material to write or you are losing business to competition, it may be time to freshen up your copy. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks from the experts to help get your content in tip-top shape.

Use Infographics

Using a graphic with information (infographic) makes it easier for your audience to view and understand a concept. Customers nowadays don’t have the patience to read text-heavy paragraphs, they lightly skim the content. An infographic can make a lot of information visually appealing and way easier to read and understand.

Stick to Relevant Content

Making sure copy on your online platforms is relevant to your service or product is very important. Stay up-to-date on current research regarding your industry and remove everything that is not appropriate anymore. Keyword research can give you a good idea if a topic is relevant enough to continuously write about or to shift efforts into a different area.

Pay Attention to SEO

It is essential that you and your company pay attention to SEO. Having good information on your website, as well as having high-level keywords in the content consistently will help your website traffic. Keywords have to naturally flow within the text, meaning it cannot be over-stuffed and used repeatedly. Putting a list of keywords next to you when you write a blog, blurb, or any copy is a good way to make sure you are using all of them efficiently and consistently.
Here at ON Advertising, we help our clients in a variety of industries freshen up their copy. We have seen their business have positive results when giving their content a face-lift. If you have any further questions about how to keep your content up-to-date, feel free to contact us.

Tools Every Social Media Star Should Use

ON Advertising is an agency that offers a range of services, one of those being social media. From the curation of posts to the management of platforms, our Social Media Manager does it all; and for an array of clients. Managing social media accounts includes a lot of moving parts and having the ability to multi-task and switch projects at a moment’s notice. You may already feel stressed reading this job description and couldn’t imagine being able to do all of that on top of mentoring our newest team members but thankfully, Michelle, our social media queen can do it all. She found time to sit down with us and chat about her favorite tools that she uses to be the social media star that we are so grateful to have.

ON: So, what are your top favorite tools?

M: Well my top favorites would have to be Buffer, Planoly, Audiense, Trello, Grammarly, G Suite (Google Suite) and it sounds archaic but a simple composition book and pens in an array of colors. I love notebooks and pens.

ON: How do you utilize all of those tools?

M: Well, each tool serves a different purpose but I use all of them together to make my life easier and to keep true to my motto, work smarter not harder.
Buffer allows me to schedule social media posts, on multiple platforms (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) for multiple clients. It recognizes hashtags and accounts to tag, which is helpful when cross-promoting. My 2 favorite features of Buffer are; it auto posts to all of these platforms, so I can schedule the posts and move on to another client. Secondly, it keeps each of the clients together in one place, which makes it easy to access all accounts at once. Working in social media requires a high level of organization and Buffer really helps with that.
Planoly is a lot like Buffer but it is for scheduling, planning, and auto-posting only to Instagram. I exclusively use this site for ON’s Instagram. I take great pride in the agency’s social media, I need a tool that is dedicated to making our Instagram account the very best. I love the layout and organization of the site. The dashboard offers a whole month calendar view showing the days and times of scheduled posts, while on the other side shows your Instagram feed with posts that are scheduled and unscheduled. If you have a photo you want to use but not sure for what purpose or on what day, you can load it into Planoly until you want to post it. Because I schedule posts so far in advance, being able to see the images and the flow of the feed is super important to me and the ON brand.
Another huge important part of my job is checking and analyzing data. I need to know how the accounts are doing and where we can improve. Facebook’s analytics offer a lot of the details I want and need. Although Instagram and LinkedIn are not as helpful as they could be, they are not too far behind. Twitter is a platform where I feel the amount of data is lacking. That’s where Audiense comes into play. It analyzes our client’s Twitter accounts to see when their audiences are online, the best time to post, behaviors, as well as locations and interests of our demographics. I love the update emails they send. It helps me stay on top of the accounts and keep them in tip-top shape. Social media is always changing and Audiense helps me stay up to date.
Google Suite is a godsend, especially for me and my team. It’s the easiest way to share documents, ideas, photos and anything else we need to get the job done. We store all of our social media posting calendars where we can all access them and use what we need. And of course, I couldn’t live (a bit of an exaggeration but really) without my 5 (yes 5) Google Calendars. I love the option of having multiple calendars under one email, being able to see all the calendar events in one view and being able to color coordinate makes my little OCD heart sing. If I didn’t have G-Suites… well, I don’t want to even imagine my job (and life) without it!
Trello has become a huge part of my working life and now I can’t imagine my day without it. The agency as a whole uses Trello and many of us use it separately. It’s a great help to see what each of us is doing that day and helps gauge the level of businesses one might be. It also is a great way to keep track of tasks that are completed or are still needing to be done. I love that I can check it and see what my team has accomplished and if they can handle more projects or need time to complete their current tasks. Any tool that helps with productivity and organization in a flawless system is aces in my book. Bonus, you can color code tasks!
This one is probably obvious, but Grammarly, of course. I do not dare post a single thing whether it’s a Facebook post or blog post without checking it in Grammarly. Of course, working in this industry you need extremely strong writing skills, Grammarly takes those skills a step up and really acts as a great quality checker. My colleagues and I always check each other’s work, but, Grammarly is always my first stop.
And lastly, a good ol’ composition book and colorful pens. I’m a bit of an old fashion worker when it comes to listing out my tasks for the day. Yes, of course, Trello basically acts as a giant to-do list, but, I love my morning ritual of sitting down at my desk before opening my email, with a fresh cup of coffee and looking at what needs to be done for that day. I list out what tasks I know need to be done, notes about each task and the due date. Then as each task gets completed, I find the pen color of that week and I put a big check mark in the box, making it complete. It’s a ritual and habit I’ve developed since high school when I first discovered the wonder of agendas. It hasn’t left me since and honestly, probably never will.

ON: For those aspiring social media stars what top 3 tools do you suggest?

M: Buffer most definitely, Trello and Grammarly. Buffer will get you started in scheduling posts and they offer a simple analytics tool to get your feet wet in learning what the data means and how to use it. Trello will help you stay organized and keep track of your tasks. It’s basically like a virtual giant cork board with post-it notes pinned to it and the app is awesome for those always on the go *raises hand*. Lastly, Grammarly. They offer free and premium versions; the free version is perfect for those just starting out. The Google Chrome extension is wonderful because it will tell you right then and there what should be changed in whatever format/platform or site you are working in. My preference is using the actual site, then transferring it to wherever, but having options is always a great thing.
There are thousands of tools out there that do the same things as the ones I listed above. The biggest part of rocking the social media world is to find the ones that work the best for you, your clients and your workflow. I can’t begin to even count how many tools I’ve tested before I settled on this magic combination. Find what works best for you and make it happen!

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A Story of the Merger of Two Companies

It was recently announced in the Phoenix Business Journal that ON Advertising has merged with EFG Creative. The merger has been a match made in heaven and could not be more perfect. Having the resources of a full creative team with ON’s specialization in digital marketing, advertising, video production, and web design has been a dream come true.
Founder and Chief Creative Officer of EFG, Eric Garcia founded his company in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1995. Wanting to expand to the Arizona market, EFG came to the valley looking for an advertising agency to pair with. When he walked into the offices of ON Advertising, everything changed.
Eric Garcia says “The start of our relationship was perfectly timed. EFG and ON both have capabilities that really complement each other to be more competitive in the marketing industry. Our objective is to strengthen the creative presence and knowledge into the Arizona market.”
We have grown 45% over the last year, and we want to continue our growth to enhance businesses and companies nationwide through marketing tactics. “We needed to bolster our creative division in order to maintain that growth rate,” says President Ron Meritt. We here at ON are very excited to see what the future holds and can’t wait to showcase our wide array of talents to the industry!

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A person holdign up their phone looking at a restaurant app

Trends Affecting the Restaurant Industry

New developments in technology have been impacting consumer preferences and attitudes toward the restaurant industry. These changes have left consumers wanting faster and more convenient ways to purchase food from restaurants. Companies like UberEats and GrubHub have capitalized on these emerging trends. The millennial generation is also known for being more mobile than previous generations, meaning they are constantly busy and have an “on the go” mindset. Millennials are also willing to spend more on experiences rather than services and products, with 72% of millennial spending going towards experiential-based activities. The restaurant industry will need to be making some dramatic changes in order to appeal to these new trends. Some ideas we have are:

Online and Mobile Ordering

Consumers are spending more time on their phones now than ever before. Smartphones and other smart devices make it easy for consumers to place orders on their mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly ordering platform will ensure that consumers can conveniently order food from your restaurant.

Mobile Payment Options

Continuing with the habit of increased mobile device usage, mobile payment options are starting to slowly replace traditional cash or credit cards. Platforms like ApplePay and PayPal can encrypt consumers’ payment data so all they have to do is scan a barcode on their phone. Having a POS system that supports this method of payment can speed up line waits as well as ensure that your restaurant caters to the needs of every consumer.

Personalized Experiences

One of the most influential factors that consumers now look for when choosing a restaurant is an establishment that can offer them personal experiences. Consumers are looking for experiences that document and share with their friends on social media. Restaurants can capitalize on this by offering specialized dishes, extra service features, and branded hashtags.
These adaptations may sound overwhelming at first, however, adopting these tactics will allow your restaurant to become differentiated amongst the growing restaurant industry. At ON Advertising, we understand how sociocultural trends are affecting our restaurant clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how we can help your restaurant thrive!

An Out of Home billboard restaurant ad

Advertising for Your Restaurant

Let’s face it, the restaurant industry is a highly competitive market with more than 616,000 restaurants for consumers to choose from. The industry is continuing to expand with a 3.5% growth rate over recent years. With stiff competition, strategic advertising and marketing is the key differentiator to make your business stand out in the crowd.
Here at ON Advertising, we have a team of marketing experts to help your restaurant through the digital marketing age. We use various tactics to target and reach out to customers in a unique way that will increase interaction through social media. Building a virtual relationship is critical to connect with your regulars and to attract new potential customers.
Keeping a positive image for your business’ reputation is important because of customers’ reliance on online reviews. Nowadays restaurants have less control of content that users put out on the internet; it is vital to manage your brand’s reputation through digital marketing. Our team of experts diligently monitors your restaurant’s image and makes certain it is consistently favorable.
Having a personalized campaign that is tailored to your needs and strengths is crucial when advertising. We provide a hands-on team approach that recommends personalized campaigns, which actually meet the needs of your current and potential customers. Along with a personalized campaign, we also provide marketing recommendations that include analytical data reports. They show how your company is benefiting from the newly implemented strategies as well as present areas for improvement.
Don’t wait any longer, improve your business’ traffic by implementing a strategic plan of action. Your restaurant has unlimited potential, with assistance from our expert team here at ON Advertising, you can achieve the goals you have always envisioned.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how we can help your restaurant thrive!

The Theory Behind Soylent and Other “Food 2.0” Branding

As I started to read a packaging design article titled “Why Do So Many Food 2.0 Companies Look Alike?” by Margaret Andersen for the AIGA Eye on Design blog – I was immediately captured by the subject, design theories and product backgrounds.
First of all, I love the term Food 2.0. There’s a futuristic quality to this term that lends to the theory that food has been redeveloped, or at least it’s packaged better.
I have a bit of personal history with these products, having tried a few different ones myself. This is one reason I was drawn to this article in the first place. Of the 3 different products that I have first-hand experience with, two of them are packaged with this new simplistic, modern look. Devoid of color, ornamentation and stylistic fonts, the packaging has a futuristic, utopian, almost homogenized look to it.

Food 2.0 Branding
Food 2.0 Branding

The original article shared some direct quotes from the designers/design teams that were involved with developing and personalizing these different brands. Their design references ranged from religious iconography in Pisa to the minimalist labeling of NASA’s space equipment.  I like to examine a similarly broad array of inspirational designs when I do research for a new brand identity project. I like to hear how other designers work to achieve their design solutions.
However, with all the “less is more” and “getting back to basics” identity system theories presented, I think they are forgetting that this brand look has been tried before by generic/store brands. Initially, these brands featured white packaging, with minimal text: some might say no design, no personality… no brand. Consumer’s often felt that these products were inferior, or made with inferior ingredients, which resulted in mistrust and lost sales. Today, generic brand companies have mostly dropped the all-white, minimal packaging, usually replacing it with packaging that mimics major brands.
Don’t get me wrong, I personally like the Minimalist Modern look for complete food systems, but I wonder if their resemblance to the generic brands of years ago will prevent them from gaining market share as fast as they otherwise would.
I have seen other design solutions and have brainstormed some of my own that fit the Minimalist Modern aesthetic while staying clear of features that can make a brand feel generic. There is a lot of room to be more expressive, but still keeping to the principals of the Food 2.0 movement.
We’re eager to dive into this arena, so if you’re a complete food system company looking to take your products to the top then shoot us a note today!

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