Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator will support the strategic lead and team for social businesses. From community management to mobile and platform-specific experiences, social engagement, gaming, and experiential, they are charged with supporting and executing social solutions, managing communities, and garnering insights that solve a business problem or take advantage of market opportunity.


The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for executing strategic visions for clients. Below is a partial list of the responsibilities for the proper candidate:

  • Schedule and publish content for clients’ social media accounts
  • Monitor social channels each day and respond to all pertinent comments and questions
  • Look for opportunities to engage in real-time
  • Produce monthly client reports
  • Understand how business, brands and customers interact, with a knowledge of the role that social media and technology plays in this relationship
  • Manage social communities by way of content, publishing and engagement processes
  • Monitor social communities on a regular basis for brand reputation and respond to followers’ questions and comments in a timely manner
  • Contributed to the development of platform reports and content insights
  • Support live events by way of content creation and social listening
  • Drive client and agency implementation of tools and conduct necessary trainings to ensure adoption
  • Manage client content calendars and publishing schedule
  • Ability to support management of projects and recommendations
  • Support strategy for client(s), including lending to strategic development and
  • maintaining client objectives and priorities
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Produce monthly platform reports and content insights


  • The position is entry-level
  • The candidate should have a passion for digital innovations, being an early adopter of applications and technologies
  • The candidate should approach new and different ideas with curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Analytical, solution oriented 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

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