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How we got police to walk the beat.

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When Phoenix Police Recruitment needed to amplify their efforts, they turned to ON Advertising. We developed the “Rise to Serve” campaign spotlighting opportunities for positive community impact through law enforcement. Our integrated media strategy across billboards, digital and audio inspired diverse prospective recruits. Within the first month, saw a 28% conversation rate, indicating a strong desire for applicants to apply to the police academy or professional jobs. We’re committed to driving quality candidate interest reflecting Phoenix’s vibrant communities.
Details:  Website, Video, OOH, Content Creation


increase in new
website visitors.

Inspiring Diversity & Growth attracts diverse recruits by providing comprehensive job details, and application processes, and highlighting PHX PD's community impact through visuals and testimonials. The ADA-compliant, user-friendly website shapes PHX PD's inclusive, community-focused reputation while inspiring potential candidates with real success stories. After the first month, the website saw a 160% increase in new visitors.