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Looking Back ON Our Growth as an Agency

Founded in 1993, ON Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency with innovation and big creative ideas at its core. With years of history behind us, it’s important to reflect on the growth and achievements we have gone through as an agency.
Our founders, Ron Meritt, and John Hernandez, have years of experience in the media industry, so most of the services we originally offered revolved around media and public relations. We have managed to expand our services to become a full-service advertising and marketing agency.
This past year, we merged with EFG Creative, a creative team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This merger gave us our Chief Creative Officer and agency co-owner, Eric Garcia, as well as a creative team that enhances our digital marketing, advertising, video production, and web design services.
Our firm has grown over 45% the last year, and our work speaks for itself. We have received multiple accolades, including Addy Awards, Telly Awards, Macrom Awards, and Hermes Creative Awards. Not only do we have award-winning work, but we understand how certain strategies can be applied here in the Valley.
Here at ON Advertising, we understand that our history plays a big part in who we are. Growing at such a rate is both exciting and humbling. We are eager to accomplish even more in the next few years.
If you are interested in learning more about how our team can support your marketing and advertising goals, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

A close up shot with a Yandy model

We’re Bringing Sexy Back to Advertising With Yandy

It’s not every day that you get to work on a spooky lingerie campaign, but last month that is exactly what our team at ON Advertising had the privilege of doing. When, an Arizona based online retailer of lingerie, Halloween costumes, and women’s apparel, contacted us for creative execution of 3 videos that were 15 seconds each, we could not resist the opportunity to be a part of something unique and challenging. With the month of October being Yandy’s busiest time of year, we only had 3 weeks to turn the project around in time for an October 1st launch date, so our team banded together to bring this project to fruition for our client. How did we get it done? Keep reading to find out!
On your mark, get set…
When advertising for a brand like Yandy, it isn’t enough to simply create something visually stunning, it has to resonate with the right buyer persona. In careful collaboration with our client, we identified what messaging, tone, and look would attract Yandy’s audience. Once the concepts were selected based on strategy, ON Ad’s Chief Creative Officer meticulously sketched out each frame for the 3 concepts in order to visually articulate how the final product should look on screen. Check out the storyboards here.
Meanwhile, the client services department worked with local talent agencies to secure models and actors for the spot. In partnership with Sneaky Big, we were able to lock down a highly sophisticated production studio to execute the videos.
While Sneaky Big and the creative team at ON purchased and built the props for the shoot, hair and makeup teams were assembled and briefed with specific production books so they could understand the exact “hauntingly sexy” appearance that each of the models needed to portray on camera.
15 seconds per video might seem like no time at all, but that actually translates to 10 hours of shooting. Starting in the wee hours of the morning and finishing at night, our team worked in coordination with Yandy and Sneaky Big to film the three videos in a single day. There are obviously countless horror stories of shoot days gone wrong for other companies, but not with ON Advertising. Our Chief Creative Officer and the Director of Brand Marketing at Yandy were in lockstep on each aspect of the shoot. They never missed a beat and strengthened the production with each scene that was shot. This is the nature of a creative relationship based on trust and is something that we strive for with each client, no matter their industry. Check out some photos from the set.
Finishing Touches
Productions live or die on the editing room floor, which is why we were thrilled to work in close coordination with the Sneaky Big team as they methodically and quickly edited each of these concepts in the span of just 5 days. The ON creative team worked tirelessly on superimposed graphics that would add additional thematic elements to each of the 3 concepts and enhance the spine-chilling yet sensual tone of the videos.
After hours of hard work, the three videos were finalized and showcased at a Yandy flashmob event in New York City. Check out photos here. The videos are currently circulating across Yandy’s digital platform and have already garnered 74,049 views online.
The Recipe for Success
When agencies are enticed by a new project, it can be a trick or treat situation. Without the right relationship, planning, and execution – everything can go bust in a hurry. But when an agency and its client collaborate, trust, and have a shared vision for success then anything is possible. We are proud of the work we did for our client and hope you enjoy it as well. Watch the final videos here: Dark Angel, Carve My Heart, Pharaoh Unwrapped.
For more information on how we can help you with your next video production, contact us here. And for examples of other work we have done, give our portfolio a look.

This Is How ON Markets to a Niche Market

As you may know, marketing for a niche product or company can present many challenges. There may not be much advice when searching the internet for marketing your specific product because your audience is very narrow. However, there are certain steps for all niche products that can be taken when looking for marketing advice. Here are a couple things to take into consideration when marketing a niche product:

Research Your Audience in Depth

This may seem obvious but it is sometimes overlooked. Because niche markets have a smaller audience, it’s harder to figure out the ideal consumer and the direction your brand should take. It is crucial that extensive research is done to figure out the exact target market and details pertaining to them.
Extensive research should be done to uncover small details such as geographic location, income, age, etc. It might be helpful to develop a few consumer persona’s so that you can view your product from the perspective of your ideal customer.

Be Specific Within Your NicheMarketing

Base your marketing off of the in-depth research of your consumers. What are your consumers doing everyday? Where do they hang out? Are they surfing the internet in specific places? Look very specifically into where your potential audience will be exposed to your product.

Pick Accurate Advertising Platforms

Different types of consumers respond more to varying types of advertising depending on their lifestyle. For example, when targeting an older demographic, investing a lot of money in an Instagram page and ads may not be the best use of the budget. Instead, you could send e-blasts and stick to more traditional methods. Pick your advertising based on where your consumers are and what they will engage with.
Marketing for a niche product can be difficult. However, with the right amount of time and research, it can bring a high return on investment for your business. Here at ON Advertising, we have successfully helped many companies with their niche products. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of what we done in the past. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about advertising for your niche product.

An Out of Home billboard restaurant ad

Advertising for Your Restaurant

Let’s face it, the restaurant industry is a highly competitive market with more than 616,000 restaurants for consumers to choose from. The industry is continuing to expand with a 3.5% growth rate over recent years. With stiff competition, strategic advertising and marketing is the key differentiator to make your business stand out in the crowd.
Here at ON Advertising, we have a team of marketing experts to help your restaurant through the digital marketing age. We use various tactics to target and reach out to customers in a unique way that will increase interaction through social media. Building a virtual relationship is critical to connect with your regulars and to attract new potential customers.
Keeping a positive image for your business’ reputation is important because of customers’ reliance on online reviews. Nowadays restaurants have less control of content that users put out on the internet; it is vital to manage your brand’s reputation through digital marketing. Our team of experts diligently monitors your restaurant’s image and makes certain it is consistently favorable.
Having a personalized campaign that is tailored to your needs and strengths is crucial when advertising. We provide a hands-on team approach that recommends personalized campaigns, which actually meet the needs of your current and potential customers. Along with a personalized campaign, we also provide marketing recommendations that include analytical data reports. They show how your company is benefiting from the newly implemented strategies as well as present areas for improvement.
Don’t wait any longer, improve your business’ traffic by implementing a strategic plan of action. Your restaurant has unlimited potential, with assistance from our expert team here at ON Advertising, you can achieve the goals you have always envisioned.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how we can help your restaurant thrive!