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Peddler’s Son is a longstanding client of ON Advertising. One of our favorite parts about working with them is getting to plan, promote, and attend their yearly event: PeddlerCon.

Who is Peddler’s Son

It all started when Ted Palmisano created an open-air produce market selling watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew from the back of his pickup truck. Once the business really began to thrive, Ted called on the help of his finance-savvy brother, Joe, to continue growing what we know as Peddler’s Son. Today, Peddler’s Son is a trusted wholesale delivery produce partner, specializing in product quality and customer service.

What is PeddlerCon

Started 7 years ago by the owners of Peddler’s Son, PeddlerCon is a yearly event filled with mouthwatering food from Arizona and California, music, and awards. Not only is this event a way to celebrate the local food industry and foster vendor relationships, but it also serves as a thank you from the Peddler’s Son owners to their partners and vendors.

PeddlerCon 2022 Highlights

This year PeddlerCon was hosted on August 30 at the Talking Stick Resort. It included fun competitions, a DJ, awards celebrating suppliers, and over 100 vendors. The vendors served all kinds of amazing products, ranging from meat, dairy, and produce to household cleaning supplies. 

Peddler’s Son was also pleased to host its first-ever PeddlerCon food art competition. Chefs from across the valley were able to showcase an artistic spin on Peddler’s Son food products. 

Our Involvement

ON Advertising was working on PeddlerCon every step of the way, from promotions to the day of the event. We even had a dedicated team of staff meeting weekly to brainstorm ideas and go over logistics. The success of the event and ON’s contributions are due to three main sectors:

Events Department 

Filling the day with entertainment and decorations, our events department got it all done. The ON events staff planned the new food art competition, along with other mini competitions happening throughout the day, such as guessing the spice by smell. We also prepared the floral arrangements, signage, and photo booth you might’ve seen at the event. Behind the scenes, the events department handled all the communication with vendors regarding signage and adherence to the event plans: a vital part of PeddlerCon.


During the preparation of PeddlerCon, the ON team used various channels of promotion. We ran advertisements through the Arizona Restaurant Association, updated the Peddler’s Son website to promote the event on the banner and on the PeddlerCon page, and connected with Peddler’s Son subscribers through email blasts. We not only incorporated PeddlerCon promotions into the regularly scheduled Peddler’s Son email blasts, but we also created new email blasts to specifically highlight PeddlerCon and to encourage event registration. We find email blasts to be a great way to connect with the Peddler’s Son audience and spread the word about the event. Another side of our promotion efforts comes from video production. We created PeddlerCon promotional videos straight from our studio and shot content at the event to post a follow-up video. 


All of the signage at the PeddlerCon event was put together by ON Advertising designers. Our brilliant team of designers also created the PeddlerCon logo, promotional flyers for the event, and invites to the vendor cocktail party on the eve of PeddlerCon.

All of this hard work led up to the important day when our team was on-site and able to witness the fruition of our efforts. We were thrilled with the outcome of PeddlerCon 2022 and we hope to see you at next year’s event!

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Virtual events

Hosting Virtual Events and the Future of Getting Together

It’s been just over a month since the Evans Communications team merged with ON Advertising to expand our crew, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of the process. We’re now capable of doing more than ever on our clients’ behalf and have enjoyed working as a new unit to get through these challenging times. Since our merger, one question we get a lot is: “What’s going on with your events division?” We were halfway through our spring season when COVID-19 hit and were only able to hold about half of our events for the season. Because of this, we are postponing most of the rest until fall 2020 or spring 2021; as a result, we began offering virtual events.

The Future of Virtual Networking

With such unique times to work through, we’ve been purposefully studious about the best ways to produce online events. Why? We wanted to identify true best practices and decipher which approaches and platforms work best. And while we’re not epidemiologists, we don’t believe that virtual events are the long-term answer to the question of how we’re all going to interact. This too shall pass!
Still, we do see the value in virtual events for some of the clients and organizations we work with. And we’ve noticed a few best practices we can share with you as remote working becomes more of a new normal.

  • Keep it small and simple for virtual events. Zoom or WebEx calls are hard enough to navigate for a work function; and for a social or networking event, they can become unruly unless you limit the attendance size and designate a host who can thoroughly manage the conversation. 
  • Keep everything short. It’s one thing to sit in a hotel ballroom for four hours for a charity dinner. But, it’s quite another to keep people’s attention spans focused online. Especially when they may have a million other distractions around their homes. How can you be safe and avoid losing audience interest? Err on the side of caution that any virtual meeting over an hour is a stretch. And if it’s an hour, you should probably have a reason and make it clear about why it’s longer. 
  • Market, market, market. Organizations can actually expand their reach far beyond what their in-person events might have attracted if they push hard through social media and other marketing channels. An event that might have drawn a few hundred people in-person can potentially draw thousands online. But, there must be a coordinated, strategic PR and marketing effort to make it work. 
  • Find the right platform. “Live” events are still very possible, and we’re working with several companies that are providing the option of doing in-studio content, including fundraising platforms that can capture donations in real-time! But, we’re also seeing some organizations pre-create their content. Going instead with a more passive fundraising ask that can be done on the donor’s own schedule. 
  • Make it professional. If you expected someone to pay to attend your in-person event, and you’re asking them for money now, they should expect to see a professional presentation in return. Think about fundraisers, for example. The in-person experience would ordinarily include a scripted program with themes and supporting visual elements. The online version of the event should be no different! 
  • Most importantly, don’t do anything off the cuff. Everyone wants to do something right now. But if you don’t go into virtual events with a clearly defined goal, thoughtful content, and a significant marketing and social media push, you’re wasting your time and energy and that of any potential attendees.

How ON Advertising Can Help with Virtual Events

No matter the event, from theme conception to running of the show, the team at ON Advertising is ready to ensure your events are executed memorably and flawlessly. We know times are truly unpredictable and unprecedented, which is why we are here to help you with your specific needs, and to share even further insight with you about how you can make virtual events beneficial in these challenging times. 
Contact us to learn more about our event planning services and to start working with our expert team.