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A close up shot of a Burger King Burger that is being held and in the process of being eaten

Burger King’s #FeelYourWay Campaign

Advertisers are always under pressure to stand out amongst the crowd and out-perform every other ad to get noticed. With the increasing amount of platforms and opportunities for advertising, companies have to be creative when coming up with ad campaigns to grab consumers’ attention. Lately, the trend has been to highlight social problems in advertisements to show consumers that they care about these issues and to give a sense of connection to people.

A few months ago, we talked about the Nike campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick that grabbed attention from the world. Now, we want to focus on another campaign that was released by Burger King that has piqued the interest of users.

One of the latest ads that have sparked attention in the advertising industry is Burger King’s newest campaign called #FeelYourWay. The campaign directly takes a stab at McDonald’s and their ‘Happy Meal’ to bring awareness to mental health issues and stress about life. Watch it here:

In this ad, Burger King is using values-based advertising by trying to be real and down to earth to connect with the younger generation. They wanted to showcase stressors people deal with including, mental health, bullying, sexual harassment, and student debt. The idea of this was to bring awareness that not everyone is always happy and in the mood for a McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal,’ but that people have different emotions and feelings, and that’s okay. This campaign was directly targeting Millennial and Generation Z consumers.

Studies have shown, people in the younger generations, prefer to spend their money on brands that they can emotionally connect with. This is why value-based advertising has become such a popular trend nowadays. It has been reported that 60% of millennials are more likely to buy items that speak to them and their personality. The reason Burger King, and many companies want to target the younger demographic is because of their buying power in the marketplace.

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