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Fast Food Service Provider Marketing

Over the years as we’ve grown and worked with clients to build a digital presence, one of the things we’ve heard is how our team provided insight into marketing data, not just the data itself. I use the word “insight” for a reason. Data from marketing channels, for many, is like eating out. Small bites of info may be better for some while others need a full course meal. In the spirit of combining two things I appreciate, food and data-driven marketing, I’ve started leading our team to an approach of providing sit-down service during our discussions with certain clients versus providing a fast food service approach. Got your appetite ready? Let’s go. …

Using Social Media Support To Boost Engagement

Twitter recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The social media app has become such a part of the nation’s collective conversation and so ubiquitous (even playing a pivotal role in the 2016 presidential election) it’s difficult to remember a world in which we still communicated in more than 140 characters. Despite its popularity and influence, many companies struggle to find a way to harness the power of Twitter and other social media to promote their brand leadership, cultivate leads and bolster their bottom line.