Using Social Media Support To Boost Engagement

Twitter recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The social media app has become such a part of the nation’s collective conversation and so ubiquitous (even playing a pivotal role in the 2016 presidential election) it’s difficult to remember a world in which we still communicated in more than 140 characters. Despite its popularity and influence, many companies struggle to find a way to harness the power of Twitter and other social media to promote their brand leadership, cultivate leads and bolster their bottom line.

When it comes to social media, On Advertising works with companies to utilize Twitter and LinkedIn to their advantage. We understand how to read their metrics and tweak client messages to achieve the most effective response. Specifically, we’ve developed a strategy that significantly boosts a company’s social media engagement during trade shows, conferences or webinars, and we have the data that proves it has worked for several of our largest clients. Most people would agree that posting event information should be a common practice if you engage social media. However, many companies don’t seize the opportunity to specifically plan campaigns around tradeshows, conferences and webinars, which means they are missing a golden opportunity to significantly boost their company’s social media engagement. On Advertising has been fortunate enough to become a go-to company in providing this service to companies, and we are happy to share the data to prove its outcomes. For example, an industry-leading eDiscovery firm engaged us to support them during a premier conference, Legaltech®, for their event held in New York City February 1 – 4. We scheduled organic posts on LinkedIn promoting our client’s appearance at LTNY, doubling the number of impressions (the number of times a post is seen) and increased the engagement (the frequency that others interact with posts) by a full 2x the normal daily rate. You have to admit that’s a healthy boost and, more importantly, compares favorably to the cost of trade show sponsorship, providing clear data about your brand exposure. Just think about how many times you’ve paid $5,000 to sponsor a coffee break at a conference or shelled out big bucks to see your name plastered on a lanyard at a conference. ltny-analytics Using the hashtag #LTNY2016, another On Advertising client achieved solid success at LTNY using Twitter. With a combined effort of organic posts and paid promotions totaling $215, impressions jumped from 4,539 in January to 15,700 in February, the month of the show. The paid promotions themselves increased overall impressions by 10,000 over two days. tweet-impressions

Live Tweeting

Live tweeting during an event is also an effective strategy that garners measurable results. During LTNY, our team sent out live tweets with pictures during keynote speeches and panel discussions. Followers of our client’s Twitter feed were treated to real-time highlights of the show. tweet-highlights Twitter support during a webinar has also started to become the norm and should be part of your event strategy. During a scheduled webinar, On Advertising provided live tweeting which resulting in the average daily Twitter impressions doubling, and post interaction a full 70% greater than usual. live-tweet-analytics When implementing live tweeting at an event like LTNY or in a webinar, we recommend designating one person to be the “voice” of your company –  this will help you manage your message and keep it consistent. We also recommend having at least one person actually at the event – we have learned through experience that it’s hard to fake a presence. Pretending you have “ears in the room” doesn’t work; it’s worth it for your company’s credibility to be there during a speech or panel discussion.

Social Campaigns for Network Events

On Advertising also provided social media support for a business advisory firm when they made a presentation to the Tri-State Manufacturers’ Alliance, a trade organization that represents the midwest’s manufacturing sector. We used organic and paid posts of $200 across LinkedIn and Twitter in the days leading up to the the presentation, which significantly expanded their social media footprint. 28-day-tweet-impressions

The Future of Social During Events

We predict that in the future, the influence of social media at live events will continue to grow. For example, apps like Periscope allow users to livestream events (from something as elaborate as a tech conference to something as simple as a puddle in England.) Periscope’s been around for just more than a year and last August it surpassed more than 10 million accounts, and the company (which is owned by Twitter) says that every day, 40 years worth of video is watched on the app. Last December, Apple named Periscope as its iPhone App of the Year. We believe that in the future, we’ll be able to utilize Periscope to live-stream keynote speeches and panel discussions during trade shows and conferences, encouraging live interaction from people who weren’t able to attend in person but still want to take part. This will create the potential to make them world-wide, not just local, events. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to sponsor a coffee at a trade show, this will provide clients tangible results. At our core, On Advertising is a metrics-driven company. We don’t just implement a strategy and trust our gut it will work – we rely on measurable data to demonstrate its efficiency. We know how to significantly boost a company’s social media engagement before, during and after trade shows, conferences or webinars. Whether or not you’re an On Advertising client, contact us to learn how we can leverage the unmatched power of social media to give your company an incredible boost in visibility across the social media landscape.

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