The best brainstorming methods

Weather Creative Slumps with the Best Brainstorming Methods

Do you ever stare at a blank page wishing a catchy ad campaign would magically appear? Yeah, we feel that ALL. THE. TIME. But fear not fellow creatives! We’ve got some of the best brainstorming methods to turn that creative trickle into a monsoon brainstorm!

Classic Techniques: The Best Brainstorming Methods

The Hits (That Don’t Miss)

These tried-and-true methods are your brainstorm bread and butter:

  • Question Everything: Is your target audience Grandma Gertrude or Gen Z Gamer Gavin? Maybe the product’s secret power is totally off the radar! Flip the script and see where it leads.
  • Rapid Fire Frenzy: Set a timer, unleash your inner yapper, and write down EVERY wild idea. No judging, just pure brainstorming bliss!
  • S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Power: (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to Another Use, Eliminate, Rearrange) This handy acronym helps you twist and turn your concept into something unexpected.
  • Figure Storming Fun: Channel your inner critic, dreamer, or whatever wild role you’ve always wanted to play! Act out different personas to brainstorm from new angles.

Let’s Get Visual

Tired of the same old, same old? Spice things up with these fun visual brainstorming techniques:

  • Mind Mapping Magic: Start with your main idea, let your thoughts branch out like a crazy vine, and see what connections you make. Bubble maps, circle maps – the world’s your mind map oyster!
  • Brainwriting Buddies: Feeling shy? This introvert-friendly method lets everyone contribute anonymously. Write down ideas, pass them on, and build on what others have already started. Brainwriting is really that simple!
  • Group Sketching Symphony: Have you ever played Pictionary with creatives? This is like that but with more brainstorming power! Sketch together, riff off each other’s ideas, and watch unexpected connections bloom.
  • Secret Ingredient GenAI: Try describing your brainstorming theme to GenAI using whatever words you can possibly think of, and watch it create an image that’s wilder than a unicycle-riding grandma at a heavy metal concert! Use this AI-inspired masterpiece as a starting point for your sketches and see where your team’s imagination takes you! 

Building a Creative Oasis from an Idea Desert 

These tips will keep your team buzzing with ideas long after the brainstorming session:

  • Safe Space Sanctuary: Let everyone know it’s okay to be silly and outrageous! A safe space in the workplace is a hot commodity. A judgment-free zone is a creative playground and promotes confidence in the workplace. 
  • Diversity Dance Party: A team with a melting pot of backgrounds is an innovation powerhouse. Many different perspectives = fresh ideas!
  • Embrace the Limitations: Budget tight? Time crunch? Challenging client requests? Sometimes constraints can spark creativity. See what you can do with less and get those creative juices flowing!
  • Nurture Your Inspiration: Stay curious! Explore the world, read weird stuff, and keep a notebook and pen handy (or your phone, it’s 2024). Write down anything and everything! Inspiration strikes at the most random times, so be ready to capture those creative lightning bolts!

You’re ready to ditch the creative block blues and get ready to brainstorm like a boss! Now get out there and put those brainstorming skills to the test! And remember, even a sprinkle of inspiration can blossom into a downpour of brilliant ideas.

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