Why You Should Look at Google Analytics

Here at ON Advertising, we heavily rely on Google Analytics. It is a huge part of our business, and it is helpful when tracking the results of our work. Being able to see how a website is doing in response to marketing efforts is critical to see if there is growth in website traffic and a return on investment for clientele. Nowadays with everything being online, seeing if your website could be doing better is a great way to improve your business and lead generation efforts. Here are three benefits of using Google Analytics:

1. It answers the question; why are visitors leaving the site?

This question correlates with the Bounce Rate. If there is a high bounce rate, it means that people are arriving on the website and leaving quickly for some reasons. There are multiple reasons why there could potentially be a high bounce rate. Having a team of experts available to help analyze the situation is crucial to solving it. To lower the bounce rate, you may want to look at the detailed report for Google Analytics supplies. The report could include recommendations for optimizing SEO keywords, a landing page is not attractive enough, or it is not optimized correctly. Examining the bounce rate closely and checking it is very important and could be a key factor in improving business.

2. Understand what social media platforms are working.

When using social media, you want to make sure that efforts for each platform are converting into website visits. If one platform is outperforming another drastically, consider removing or making adjustments to the lower performing platform. Optimizing each social media platform will ensure your budget is being used efficiently. It is also important to keep in mind that just because a social media platform exists, it doesn’t always mean your business needs to be on it. Industries have different appeal across platforms, ensuring you are devoting resources to the right ones will save you time, money, and headaches

3. Looking at Progress Overtime.

The primary goal of a business should be to improve and grow over time. Google Analytics can assist with that by showing the traffic flow during an extended period, i.e., annual, quarterly, etc. you will be able to fine tune your website to better resonate with your audience.
There are many more benefits to using Google Analytics. At ON Advertising, we review the results of marketing efforts on a regular basis to track our clients’ progress. Contact us to learn more about how Google Analytics has helped our clients and how it can help your business reach its goals.

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