Why Should You Engage in Facebook Live

Have you ever wondered if there is more you could be doing for your brand on Facebook? Are the photos and graphics you’re posting not getting the engagement you had hoped they would get? Have you ever thought about using Facebook Live? It’s an excellent tool for your company to help grab an audience’s attention and engage them in your brand on Facebook.
In fact, Facebook Live can provide viewers with unique content that cannot be easily shown in a photo or graphic. Much like your planned social media strategy, it is important you plan out exactly what you are wanting to feature and the dialogue, so you are always providing quality content. Not sure where to start? Read more below to get started!

Address Questions

There may be a blog out there that has your audience wanting to know more, or maybe you have been getting repeated questions from customers. Facebook Live is a great place to answer these questions because nowadays, consumers rarely read a long paragraph of text. Answering questions in a live event can be more intriguing for your audience and an easier way to address questions in depth.

Show an Inside Look

Many consumers only see what is on the outside of your business; they see what is publicly available but not inside the operations. Give them a behind the scenes look on some of the more exciting activities you have going on. Whether it’s the back kitchen, behind the scenes of a photo shoot, or a work outing, consumers will see a different side to your company. This can make them feel more connected to your business, giving them even more reason to stay engaged in you and what you are selling.


Using Facebook Live is a great way to make viewers think they are getting an “exclusive” look into a new product or event. When companies showcase new products on Facebook Live, their audience may feel as though they are getting a unique advantage to the brand. It’s a cost-effective way to show a revealing of a product to more viewers.
Facebook Live can make people feel connected to your brand and can give your audience a different viewpoint on your company as a whole. Here at ON Advertising, we utilize Facebook Live for many of our clients, and we have seen positive results and received positive feedback. If you would like to learn more about how your business could be using Facebook Live to improve your brand and improve your social media strategy, give us a call!

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