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Tourism Marketing Has Evolved: Here’s What You Need to Know

Tourism marketing has taken a big hit ever since the global lockdowns and massive regulations were introduced to the entire world. The travel and tourism industry has been feeling its negative effects ever since. This unfortunate reality is still continuing to recover and is in need of strong marketing efforts more than ever. 

It’s not easy battling the “zoom-fluence” along with the lingering fear and hesitation felt by so many trying to get back to their pre-pandemic lives. Ramping up travel and tourism marketing is more important than ever for businesses and communities that depend heavily on it for economic stability.

Make Tourism Marketing Work for You

What are some emerging trends for tourism marketing since the pandemic? What should travel marketers address in their messaging to encourage more travel? Let’s dive in!

Here are some key items travel and tourism strategists should be aware of with their marketing efforts:

  1. Keep it simple and hassle-free – Tourism marketing is challenged now more than ever to keep things simple and easy to step back into for their prospective customers. It can be a difficult time for many travel businesses to motivate people who feel uncomfortable booking a trip or vacation. Simple and convincing brand messaging is always pivotal, but more so in order to experience economic recovery.
  1. Highlight increased quality of life –  Since the pandemic has negatively affected the quality of life for countless individuals, tourism marketing can benefit by highlighting its self-care capabilities. One angle is focusing its message on the improved mental health experienced when taking a beach vacation or other desirable travel destination. 

People need to be reminded of how wonderful your locations are and how much they need to break the monotony of staying home or indoors so much. Influencing your potential customers through effective marketing tactics requires highlighting the most compelling benefits your travel seeker can expect to experience.

  1. Market the affordability factor – Unfortunately, rising prices are everywhere and it doesn’t help when people are already having to pay higher prices for everything else, including food and gas. 

By highlighting your cost-effectiveness, you increase the likelihood of keeping or attracting new destination seekers. This is a huge part of the influential strategy for tourism marketing looking to recover financially and thrive moving forward.

Speak Straight to the Different Types of Travelers You Target

Your social media and other types of travel marketing efforts should all account for the different types of travelers you target; looking specifically at what they want and need in these unique times. For example, single Gen Z’ers are using different platforms than other types of individuals and may prioritize specific locations due to popular cultural influences. 

However, target demographics of all types can greatly benefit from knowing what’s new in your area and how it can relieve them of the stress, depression, anxiety, and fear so much of the country has been living with since 2020.

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