What Makes a Successful Creative Billboard Ad?

Billboard advertising is a competition all its own. Not only for the attention and memorability of its target audience but also to stand out among all the other billboard ads flooding the busy streets. 

How does one cut through all the noise with enticing, yet effective messaging? How do businesses avoid adding to the chaos of visual voices all vying for attention? These are good questions to ask when strategizing to launch a billboard

What’s more, this type of advertising does not run cheap. When you invest in creative billboard advertising, it has to be effective. Some billboard creativity hits the target, making the financial investment payoff, while others flop. Why is this?
Let’s explore these winning billboard strategies to find out.

Creative Billboard Ads and Why they Work


Of everything you want to say to your moving audience, narrow it down to one main message. 

If you’re trying to share too much in one billboard, even if you’re trying to make it worth the money, this could easily work against you. If you approach the billboard concept confused about what you are trying to convey, chances are your audience will be just as mixed up digesting your creative messaging efforts. 

However, approaching a creative advertising project with a specific intention helps you execute a successfully targeted billboard advertising message. People’s attention spans tend to shrink when faced with a sea of media messages, let alone the capacity to remember the brand and its benefits. 

People don’t have much time to take their eyes off the road and focus on the details of your freeway-bound message. Perhaps this is why successful billboard advertising is typically only six words max. Or one. Or none. Whatever boosts your effectiveness in establishing your point.

Bottom line: Less is more. Less clutter, less wordy text, less unclear imagery, and more sales.

Clear Goal

If you have multiple priorities, you don’t have a priority. The same goes for goals in branding efforts using billboard ads. You need to set a clear goal and never lose sight of it throughout the strategy and implementation process. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who are you targeting? Why? 
  • What’s the one thing you want to accomplish through your billboard? Why? 
  • What is your call to action? Why?
  • Asking the question ‘why?’ forces you to dig deeper every time you ask it. In doing so, it reveals more of what’s beneath the surface and will help you get crystal clear on your intentions and how you will measure success. 

Here are some examples of common goals businesses for billboard advertising:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Raise awareness about a promotion or sale
  • Marketing a specific product or service
  • Get more customers in person or online
  • Generating interest in your brand

Bottom line: Set a clear goal and know why.

Determine Effectiveness

Don’t confuse creativity with effectiveness. Unfortunately, the most elaborate and quirky, creative ads don’t always translate to sales or brand awareness, or any of the other goals you have in mind. It is why you must always keep your goals center stage. 

You need to thoughtfully consider whether or not the text and visual strategy in place is going to support your anticipated outcome. After all, what good is it to have an over-the-top billboard and people miss the point or worse — mistake it for another business.

Bottom line: Funny, punchy, and creative are nice; but does it reach your goal?

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