What is the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

Websites, mobile apps, and smart home devices. Oh my! Utilizing your business’s digital presence in the most effective way is becoming more important every day. UX and UI design are at the forefront of successful technology integration. But what are these and how do they make your business’s digital interface a web-site for sore eyes?

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What is UI?

User Interface is the point of interaction between the user and a digital device or site. When it comes to designing a website, app, or ordering kiosk, UI considers every visual, functional, and interactive element that might be a part of a digital platform. A UI designer will think about icons, buttons, typography, color schemes, spacing, imagery, and responsive design. An effective user interface transfers the brand’s visual appeal into a digital format in a way that is consistent, coherent, and appealing.

What is UX?

User Experience or “UX” is the icing on the cake of great UI design. UX considers the customer’s needs above all else and ensures that the company creates a digital interface that meets those needs when and how the customer expects. A UX designer designs an experience, not just an interaction. They operate under the idea that any interface is always centered around the human being behind the screen. UX design includes:

  • Understanding Users: UX design requires research to understand the target audience.
  • Design Strategy: Develop the sequence of actions users take as they interact with the interface.
  • Analyzing Designs: UX continues even after a digital interface is launched by analyzing how people interact with the platform.

UX vs. UI

UX and UI constitute separate processes that each require separate tasks and understanding in order to achieve the most constructive design. A good way to compare the differences is that UX is the framework on which UI is built. UX measures and optimizes to support functionality. UI is the cosmetics and presentation that are generated based on the UX recommendations. 

Combining UX and UI Design

In the case of website design, UX and UI complement each other and make each other stronger. If your website has great UI, it might look appealing but be difficult to use. A website design with great UX might be simple to use, but terrible to look at. When it comes to your business’s online presence, having both is crucial to standing out amongst your competitors. 

For example, your new site just launched selling state-of-the-art sneakers. The text is easy to read, the color scheme is on-point, and the buttons are far enough apart that customers don’t tap the wrong shoes by mistake. That is UI. UX guarantees that the customer can search through their options and when they find the perfect pair, they can easily navigate to the checkout. 

ON Advertising Can Push Your Branding to the Next Level

To attract prospective customers, having an online presence is essential in today’s business world. By employing effective UX and UI design, you can develop a digital integration for your brand. 

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