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Client Spotlight: Chompie’s Restaurants

ON Advertising and Chompie’s Restaurants have worked together for over 2 years, and we’ve been hard at work. See what we’ve done so far and what’s ahead for our partnership!

Man in a lab coat is carefully looking at a jar that contains cannabis concentrates

Client Spotlight: Procan Labs

Say hello to our latest client: Procan Labs! Started in 2017, they’re now California’s leader in purified cannabis concentrates and we’ve been hard at work in our partnership.

2020 media strategy sprawled across the image with a cactus standing tall in front.

What is our Media Plan for 2020?

While we’re sure you’ve also seen the articles popping up on your timeline describing the top trends for the new year, or what you should look out for when it comes to media planning, we’re here to tell you what’s really what.

Man with his credit card in hand is getting ready to purchase items off eBay.

The Pros and Cons of Holiday Marketing

Ho, ho, ho, the holiday season is upon us! It’s once again the time of year where our email inbox is flooded with specials, text message deals come flying in, and all over ads are making use of the festive season to target you.

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