We are Indiana Jones meets Alice in Wonderland – a band of curious explorers; always growing, always learning, always discovering more about our clients and paramount ways to improve their reach and influence.

Our Story

Founded in 1993, ON Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency with innovation and big creative ideas at its core. For all clients, we take a business-based approach which means we look at the bottom line growth for our clients. We start and execute every assignment with the understanding that there is a tangible business goal to achieve and that our communication strategies must align with the business objectives of our clients.

Our analytical approach combined with our outstanding creative team guarantees our clients receive a focused, well-conceived plan to meet their marketing and advertising needs. ON Advertising always engages the most creative and effective use of available resources.  Our talented, enthusiastic team brings a diverse set of skills, insight and creativity. We cultivate long-term client relationships while executing projects with integrity and a commitment to excellence and bottom-line results! We do this by building committed relationships between brands, consumers, our clients and ourselves.

Every Lewis
Needs a Clark.

The explorers in our office facilitate each other.  We rely on each other to climb higher mountains and unveil greater discoveries.  We see our clients the same way.  We make our clients better.

Our clients make us better.