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Building a Successful Market Strategy

Successful market strategies are meant to be fluid. While businesses are tempted to continue using what worked well in the past, this fixed way of thinking could leave you in the dust of your more agile competitors. Plateaus in business are drop-traps worth avoiding as you navigate your marketing strategy plans.

When you’re facing a challenge, analyze your approach to marketing. You’ll likely find holes in areas that have changed in the market and require new methods to boost your visibility and profits. 

It’s possible when you enforce a go-to-market strategy.

Building Your Default Market Strategy

When laying the foundation for the success of your business, you need a go-to strategy that takes into account your capabilities and goals. Also, consider where you stand in the market and how you’re best serving your customers with what you offer. 

This foundational strategy plan will lay out a blueprint to follow as you launch and relaunch products and services. Part of the planning process is collecting information on customer experience and areas of improvement.

Putting a Strong Plan in Place

Some basic marketing truths ring true across the board. While you should customize your approach depending on your company’s unique positioning, the following steps provide a strong framework to get you started. 

Step One: Identify Your Main Goals

The main goals that got your business started may not work in your favor to take you where you want to go. Think carefully about the new goals you are setting and how achieving them will support your overall mission. Communicate these goals to your team to have a cohesive sense of direction and purpose in work duties and performance. 

Step Two: Make a Realistic Timeline

Setting up a realistic timeline with intended milestones helps set clear expectations for everyone involved. Before launching your strategy, you need to look ahead at what tasks need to be accomplished and estimate by when you can expect to be ready. 

Step Three: Work through the Process

Delegate the details of the strategy process to those on your team. Make clear definitions of what needs to be done and when including the background work necessary to get started. 

Background aspects may include developing:

  • Customer buyer profiles: interviewing and research
  • Auditing your closest competitors
  • Conducting lead generation best practices (SEO, content creation, etc.)
  • Measurable goals and KPIs

Once you’ve begun your foundational market strategizing, it’s time to execute the work it takes to reach your defined goals. 

Communicate with your team on how sales and marketing are working best in today’s marketplace and where they are heading. Discuss the new workflow process your team will be involved in, and how to guide potential customers through their journey into loyal brand followers.

Launching a successful brand strategy begins by organizing your business to align with your specific goals. The foundational framework outlined is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and start personalizing your marketing efforts.

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Nike, Colin and the Power of Advertising

It has just been announced that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It”  advertising campaign. Nike always likes to bring an edgy yet youthful factor to their campaign that draws attention to the brand.
Public companies usually don’t like to take a stance on political issues for fear of alienating customers. However, without a worded message or political images, just a slogan and the face of a man, Nike has taken a political stance on what the company believes in a new and powerful message.

What is the Outcome?

As a result, Nike’s stock took a deep dive on the release date of the campaign, September 4th. Some people did not like the stance Nike took, and as a result, fans have been posting on social media #BoycottNike. There have been reports of people burning their own Nike shoes to show they do not support Kaepernick or Nike.

However, Nike knew exactly what they were doing; they wanted to appeal to the younger millennials and the Gen Z audience. Short term, this might have some ramifications, but long term it could potentially put them in a more favorable stance with their target audience. Nike makes efforts to show they believe in what their athletes believe in; they want to show athletes they are on their side.

Social Issues in Advertising

Right now, social activism is the trendy thing to do in advertising that attracts consumers to brands. Nike is not the only company that has tried to take a political stance to gain attention and wins over consumers. The reason behind making a political stance is that companies have realized that more attention is brought to them in the long run. Consumers feel connected to companies that take a political side aligned with their target market; it’s just good for business.

Whether one’s opinion of Kaepernick is positive or negative, Nike has received a lot of attention and publicity from the media. They have created a buzz around the brand that has caught the eye of many people. Advertisers are using bolder strategies than ever before to stand out amongst the competition. Nike is counting on this edgy campaign to resonate with the younger demographic and pay off in the long run.
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How ON Stays Safe from Instagram Hackers

Instagram can be a powerful tool. It can be an excellent platform for advertising and an easy way to promote your brand. However, a lot of your business’ reputation can lie within Instagram, and one bad post from a hacker can have significant consequences. How can you protect yourself from hackers? ON Ad has the insight!

Dual Login

Having a dual login system in place is an easy way to keep hackers from getting access to your Instagram account. Even if a hacker finds out a password, they will not be able to get in because of the second device needed to authenticate themselves.

Revoke access to third-party apps

Third-party apps are other social networks, services that alert you when users unfollow you, or a service that posts on your behalf that may have access to your account. Do not give access to apps you do not trust or apps that seem sketchy. Using the apps that are managed by the Facebook or Instagram team is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Beware of unrecognized, shortened URL’s

Some examples of shortened URL’s are:
There are more URL’s out there, some are shortened like the ones above and some are not. Either way, they look a little different than a regular, safe URL. It’s crucial to stay away from clicking a shortened URL and avoiding accounts that contain them. These links are one of the most important things to beware of on Instagram or any social media platform. They give hackers access to private information in your account by using hidden malware.
Instagram is a fun and useful social media platform for many people and businesses. But, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to lose control of an account because of trusting an unworthy source or link. By following cautious protocol and these helpful tips, you can ensure the reputation of your personal or business brand stays safe. To learn more about how we keep our accounts safe and how you can protect yourself, your business and your brand, contact us today!
For further reading, learn how an Instagram influencer had her account hacked, what steps she had to take to get her account back, and how she now protects her Instagram from having this happen again.

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