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Nike, Colin and the Power of Advertising

It has just been announced that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It”  advertising campaign. Nike always likes to bring an edgy yet youthful factor to their campaign that draws attention to the brand.
Public companies usually don’t like to take a stance on political issues for fear of alienating customers. However, without a worded message or political images, just a slogan and the face of a man, Nike has taken a political stance on what the company believes in a new and powerful message.

What is the Outcome?

As a result, Nike’s stock took a deep dive on the release date of the campaign, September 4th. Some people did not like the stance Nike took, and as a result, fans have been posting on social media #BoycottNike. There have been reports of people burning their own Nike shoes to show they do not support Kaepernick or Nike.

However, Nike knew exactly what they were doing; they wanted to appeal to the younger millennials and the Gen Z audience. Short term, this might have some ramifications, but long term it could potentially put them in a more favorable stance with their target audience. Nike makes efforts to show they believe in what their athletes believe in; they want to show athletes they are on their side.

Social Issues in Advertising

Right now, social activism is the trendy thing to do in advertising that attracts consumers to brands. Nike is not the only company that has tried to take a political stance to gain attention and wins over consumers. The reason behind making a political stance is that companies have realized that more attention is brought to them in the long run. Consumers feel connected to companies that take a political side aligned with their target market; it’s just good for business.

Whether one’s opinion of Kaepernick is positive or negative, Nike has received a lot of attention and publicity from the media. They have created a buzz around the brand that has caught the eye of many people. Advertisers are using bolder strategies than ever before to stand out amongst the competition. Nike is counting on this edgy campaign to resonate with the younger demographic and pay off in the long run.
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