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Man in a lab coat is carefully looking at a jar that contains cannabis concentrates

Client Spotlight: Procan Labs

Say hello to our latest client: Procan Labs! Started in 2017, they’re now California’s leader in purified cannabis concentrates. Procan Labs extracts the highest quality full-spectrum crude oil and distillate; their mission is to keep the California cannabis supply chain stabilized and reliable with the clean, compliant oil, distillate, and Terpenes required, all while elevating the quality of life for people across California. 

We’re honored to have started an incredible partnership with them in 2019 and look forward to working alongside them in 2020. Here’s a little bit more about the difference you’ll see when working with Procan Labs.

Who They Are

It’s no surprise the cannabis industry is booming, and Procan Labs is a key player in the current field. But, what sets them apart from the rest? The Procan Promise. They take an authentic, honest, and transparent approach to their business and their customers. Their cold-pressing process ensures impurities or harmful residual solvents in their oil, distillate, or Terpenes are removed, therefore you can feel confident that their products are pure, natural, and versatile.

What They Do

Procan Labs can do it all. No really, they can! In their Concord, CA laboratory, they produce a wide array of products for various needs. Using a cold-pressed extraction method at sub-zero temperatures, they’re able to produce any end product you need:

  • Terpenes: Procan Labs believes you should be able to smell and taste the difference in your end product, and their process ensures you do. The entire plant and biomass run through cold-pressed extraction methods to bring you true cannabis-derived Terpenes.
  • Distillate: The processes at Procan Labs also include multiple passes of molecular distillation, with an end result of high potency distillate. They make sure each fraction is clean and pure with the specifications needed to manufacture your consumer products.
  • Full Spectrum Crude: The unique processes don’t stop there because Procan Labs also delivers a full spectrum crude rich in terpenes. How do they do it? During post-process closed-loop decarboxylation, which controls the loss of light volatiles normally associated with ethanol extraction.

Procan Labs produces products ranging from tinctures and salves to balms and vape cartridges. Most importantly, they do what they say they will: promise transparency, availability, and integrity in every communication and transaction.

How We Help

Though our partnership is in its beginning stages, ON Advertising has already created some pretty incredible things with Procan Labs. As with all our clients, our 30-60-90 day plans create the guide for executing the marketing and advertising elements, and it was no different for Procan Labs.

In the first month, we worked on brand development, logo design, and social media development. In month two, we created their website design, as well as began the process of creating three videos that will live on the site. And finally, in month three, we launched the new Procan Labs website! Stay tuned to see what we come up with next for this client, you won’t want to miss it.

Innovation and big creative ideas are at ON Advertising’s core. Our analytical approach, combined with our outstanding creative team, guarantees our clients receive a focused, well-conceived plan that meets all of their marketing and advertising needs. Contact us to learn more about our services and about how we can help you grow your business.