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Micro-Influencers and Marketing

Have you recently seen a post from someone advertising for something like designer leggings or the newest makeup line? Was it from your favorite celebrity, so you bought it right away? Did it feature a promo code – or even make it clear it was an advertisement at all? If you’re active on the internet in any capacity, you likely follow micro-influencers. Or you’ve at least have seen their, often sponsored, posts like this on your timeline. But, within the fast-growing industry, ranging from beauty influencers to fitness gurus, there are tiers of influence. And contrary to popular belief, having more followers doesn’t always mean being more influential. 

According to HubSpot, a micro-influencer is someone who has between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media, compared to a celebrity or influencer who could have millions per platform. But, how could using micro-influencers mean success for a business? We explored the power of influencer marketing, on a smaller scale, and its role in business growth today.

Why Micro-Influencer Marketing Matters

On the surface, it may seem to make sense for companies to solely aim for partnerships with influencers with a much larger audience. However, the most important aspect of influencer marketing is actually doing some influencing. The goal is to drive consumers to make purchases or use a service; and a niche following could be the secret to doing so. How, exactly? By harnessing the authenticity that comes with having such a close-knit community that follows them. Which is something larger accounts don’t often bring to the table.
In the influencer industry, there are “celebrity influencers” who have massive audiences watching their every move. This could be a famous actor promoting a new vodka on the side, for instance. Or, it could someone who has become a celebrity solely due to their influencing career. And though these influencers typically have followings in the millions, they don’t often have the engagement level per post to match. Why? Because it’s just not often believable. That’s not to say they don’t have swaying power over their audience. Because many fans and followers will purchase anything their favorite celebrity does. And, according to Forbes, the higher the follower count, the lower the engagement rate is. 
On the other hand, Micro-influencers are usually aiming content to a niche audience. One that is interested in all of the same things they are. An audience who is looking to them for tips, tricks, and advice. While maybe not as large as one belonging to a famous athlete, their smaller following is far more likely to trust their word. That’s thanks to more intimate, closely established relationships they’re able to achieve through things like Instagram Stories and social media posts on their platforms. Not only that, but micro-influencers are typically able to speak directly to a larger portion of their audience without millions trying to get through. Meaning influencing is happening even in one-on-one conversations. And it seems to be working because, according to Marketing Dive, 82% of survey respondents said they were highly likely to follow a micro-influencers’ recommendation.
All in all, a perfect mix of micro-influencer marketing and celebrity-type influencers is ideal for ROI. But, for companies without the budget, micro-influencers are just as effective for spreading their messaging at far less a cost. And a well-rounded partnership with someone equally as passionate about your product or service, who actually uses and recommends it, only helps establish a company as trustworthy and reliable.

Micro-Influencers And Marketing With ON Advertising

At ON Advertising, we employ custom social media strategies. These ensure your message is heard by the right people. As well as shared in the right places, and that the activities are driving your company’s business objectives. Especially in ways that we can be measure, verify, and justify. We design each social media campaign to help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways. And to help build trust in your brand. 
We also work to reinforce your brand and position your business as a credible authority in your industry. We do so by leveraging creative, unique, and informative content to develop a community of engaged followers on social media. And this includes working with micro-influencers in the industries our clients service. Contact us today to learn more about influencer marketing and start enhancing your brand with the help of our expert team.