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Peddler’s Son is a longstanding client of ON Advertising. One of our favorite parts about working with them is getting to plan, promote, and attend their yearly event: PeddlerCon.

Who is Peddler’s Son

It all started when Ted Palmisano created an open-air produce market selling watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew from the back of his pickup truck. Once the business really began to thrive, Ted called on the help of his finance-savvy brother, Joe, to continue growing what we know as Peddler’s Son. Today, Peddler’s Son is a trusted wholesale delivery produce partner, specializing in product quality and customer service.

What is PeddlerCon

Started 7 years ago by the owners of Peddler’s Son, PeddlerCon is a yearly event filled with mouthwatering food from Arizona and California, music, and awards. Not only is this event a way to celebrate the local food industry and foster vendor relationships, but it also serves as a thank you from the Peddler’s Son owners to their partners and vendors.

PeddlerCon 2022 Highlights

This year PeddlerCon was hosted on August 30 at the Talking Stick Resort. It included fun competitions, a DJ, awards celebrating suppliers, and over 100 vendors. The vendors served all kinds of amazing products, ranging from meat, dairy, and produce to household cleaning supplies. 

Peddler’s Son was also pleased to host its first-ever PeddlerCon food art competition. Chefs from across the valley were able to showcase an artistic spin on Peddler’s Son food products. 

Our Involvement

ON Advertising was working on PeddlerCon every step of the way, from promotions to the day of the event. We even had a dedicated team of staff meeting weekly to brainstorm ideas and go over logistics. The success of the event and ON’s contributions are due to three main sectors:

Events Department 

Filling the day with entertainment and decorations, our events department got it all done. The ON events staff planned the new food art competition, along with other mini competitions happening throughout the day, such as guessing the spice by smell. We also prepared the floral arrangements, signage, and photo booth you might’ve seen at the event. Behind the scenes, the events department handled all the communication with vendors regarding signage and adherence to the event plans: a vital part of PeddlerCon.


During the preparation of PeddlerCon, the ON team used various channels of promotion. We ran advertisements through the Arizona Restaurant Association, updated the Peddler’s Son website to promote the event on the banner and on the PeddlerCon page, and connected with Peddler’s Son subscribers through email blasts. We not only incorporated PeddlerCon promotions into the regularly scheduled Peddler’s Son email blasts, but we also created new email blasts to specifically highlight PeddlerCon and to encourage event registration. We find email blasts to be a great way to connect with the Peddler’s Son audience and spread the word about the event. Another side of our promotion efforts comes from video production. We created PeddlerCon promotional videos straight from our studio and shot content at the event to post a follow-up video. 


All of the signage at the PeddlerCon event was put together by ON Advertising designers. Our brilliant team of designers also created the PeddlerCon logo, promotional flyers for the event, and invites to the vendor cocktail party on the eve of PeddlerCon.

All of this hard work led up to the important day when our team was on-site and able to witness the fruition of our efforts. We were thrilled with the outcome of PeddlerCon 2022 and we hope to see you at next year’s event!

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A Peddler's Son Delivery truck parked outside of the facility

Client Spotlight: Peddler’s Son

The Peddler’s Son, a well-known produce supplier in Arizona, has a history that began in the summer of 1988. With an early start in the produce industry from his hometown in Wisconsin, founder Ted Palmisano brought his vision of wholesale produce delivery to life by spending $3,000 on a delivery truck. From the back of his flatbed one-ton pickup, he built customized racks and assembled an open-air produce market. Ted’s commitment to customer service, quality, and honest pricing enabled his dream to grow.

As the business continued to boom, Ted enlisted the assistance of his brother Joe, whose background in finance helped Peddler’s Son progress to the next level. With Ted now able to focus on purchasing and warehouse operations and Joe overseeing sales and finance, the company was able to more fiercely contend with the competition while maintaining its customer-centric mindset. Today, the company boasts an annual revenue of over $50 million, with 130 employees and more than 35 vehicles serving Arizona and the Southwest.

When Peddler’s Son approached ON Advertising to assist them in overhauling their brand to make it more modern and competitive, we knew, because their background and way of doing business are as wholesome as the products they sell, we could create something unique and wonderful for the company. 

Redeveloping the Peddler’s Son Brand

The first item on the list was Peddler’s Son’s brand identity, including logo, color scheme, and brand voice. The goal was to create a look that embodied the Peddler’s Son culture while showing the company’s growth and sophistication.

ON Advertising’s Creative Director and Partner Eric Garcia described the design process behind the new look. 

“We created a custom font that was a bit more modern while paying homage to Peddler’s Son’s past,” he said. “Utilizing red to reflect the original brand and green leaves to symbolize the company’s transition. We stayed away from creating trendy designs, so the branding can be appreciated for a longer period.“

Creating a New Website to Highlight the Peddler’s Son Brand

While Peddler’s Son’s previous website generated traffic for the company, the site failed to convey the company’s competitive advantages. The ON Advertising team examined several of their competitor’s websites to see how their competition was presenting their brands. We knew that Peddler’s needed to create an engaging UX (user experience) that had compelling messaging and an easy-to-follow design. 

Peddler’s Son has a strong presence in several industries, including healthcare, education, restaurants, and catering. So we geared the company’s brand tone of voice towards these industries by incorporating effective SEO practices, industry-related imagery, and highlighting why they’re the right partner for goods and produce delivery. 

Since its launch, Peddler’s Son has seen a 99% growth in the number of users who visit the website, including increases in traffic from organic, direct, social media, and referral sources. We’re pleased with the increased exposure Peddler’s Son has achieved thanks to its updated website. 

Creating Peddler’s Son Brand Tone with Visuals

Peddler’s Son is an ideal subject for storytelling through video — the company’s owners have a compelling presence on camera, and its culture and commitment to freshness come through vividly on the screen to help tell the Peddler’s Son story, ON Advertising’s Director of Video Production Nate Sorensen created a mood board to develop the look and feel of the videos. He put together a collage of images and keywords that the company wanted to convey, including subjects such as sunshine, farm-fresh produce, and wholesomeness. 

The videos were an ideal way of conveying the company’s new brand and telling the company’s story clearly and compellingly.

From spotlighting the company’s new technology to the warm smiles of the employees, putting visuals to the Peddler’s Son brand was a rewarding and enjoyable project.

Connecting With Customers Through Social Media

Another key element of Peddler’s Son’s rebranding was incorporating a new strategy for social media outreach. Our goal is to resonate with clients, old and new, to ensure Peddler’s Son is top-of-mind for their produce delivery needs. Our social media team focuses heavily on the company’s excellent customer service and quality of products while establishing a personable tone to communicate with their followers. 

In addition to highlighting the company’s customer service, the Peddler’s Son social media feeds share company news, community involvement, local partnerships, and team member spotlights. The overall goal is to further reflect the company’s culture, expertise, and commitment to quality customer service.  

Since enlisting ON Advertising’s social media services, Peddler’s Son has seen a spike in followers and enjoyed significant engagement and traffic towards its website. According to Google Analytics, the company has enjoyed a 208% increase in traffic to the website from its social media year over year.

Enhance Your Brand with ON Advertising

We’re proud of the work we accomplished for Peddler’s Son, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with them. As one of the top advertising agencies in Phoenix, ON Advertising, is an award-winning full-service advertising and marketing agency committed to the success of our clients — and featuring a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about what we do. We provide our clients with award-winning services customized for each organization to ensure their brand succeeds. Contact us today to learn how ON Advertising can help you.