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Long-form video or short-form video ads? A short-form video hare or a long-form video tortoise?

Differences Between Short & Long-Form Video Ads: A Complete Guide

Let’s face it— grabbing someone’s attention online is harder than getting your grandma to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. That’s where short and long-form video ads come in, like a knight in shining … well, maybe not shining armor, more like a knight in slightly wrinkled khakis. 

Short-Form Video Ad: A Little Sweet Treat

Need attention FAST? Short video ads (6-60 seconds) are your social media superheroes! Here are some of the benefits of short-form video:

  • Attention Span Friendly: Short-form video ads quickly grab attention and deliver a clear message before viewers lose interest. They are perfect for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Short-form videos are the way to go if you have a Gen Z audience! 
  • Spread the Brand Love: Sharing is caring, and short-form video ads are designed to be shared. A catchy tune,  hilarious blooper, or a perfectly adorable baby animal – these elements can turn your ad into the next social media sensation, spreading brand awareness faster than you can say “hashtag.”
  • Get Results Fast, Track Progress: See how well your viral ads are doing by monitoring likes, comments, saves, and shares! Bonus: they’re often more budget-friendly!

Long-Form Video Ads: A Full-Course Meal

Want to Tell a Deeper Story? Well then long-form video ads (over 10 minutes) are your best friend!

Sure, short-form video ads are the flashy dance craze taking the marketing world by storm. But sometimes, you need a deeper dive—a chance to truly woo the audience. That’s where long-form video ads come in, the Jane Austen novels of the advertising world – rich, detailed, and surprisingly captivating. Here’s why you might want to consider going long:

  • Build a Relationship, Not Just Brand Awareness: A short-form ad is like a flirty wink across the room. A long-form ad is like a captivating conversation filled with witty anecdotes and genuine connection. You get to showcase your brand’s personality, delve into the “why” behind your product, and leave viewers feeling like they know you on a deeper level.
  • Teach ‘Em All They Need to Know: Not every product is self-explanatory. Complex features or intricate services deserve a chance to shine. Long-form video ads allow you to be the explainer video extraordinaire, guiding viewers through the intricacies of your product and leaving them feeling like empowered consumers.
  • Tell a Story, Not Just Sell a Product: People connect with stories. Long-form video ads allow you to craft a narrative around your product, showcasing its impact on real people’s lives. It’s the emotional roller coaster of advertising – you make them laugh, you make them cry (hopefully tears of joy!), and ultimately, you make them want your product.

Choosing the Right Format: It’s Not Rocket Science!

So, which format is right for you? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Know Your Audience: Are they social media scrollers or YouTube enthusiasts? Cater your content to where they spend most of their time online. It depends on the person. Some people prefer short stories, and others prefer the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!
  • Goal Setting is Key: Find out what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to raise brand awareness? Educate potential customers? Drive immediate sales? Choose the format that best aligns with your objectives and matches your brand’s tone. 
  • Resource Reality Check: Long-form content requires more time, effort, and usually a bigger budget. Be realistic about your resources and figure out what success looks like to your agency. 

The Best Part… You Can and SHOULD Use BOTH! 

You don’t have to pick just one format! Many successful ad campaigns utilize both short-form and long-form videos strategically.

Imagine this: a short, eye-catching ad piques your viewers’ curiosity on social media. They’re intrigued and want to learn more. With a clear call to action in the video or caption, you can direct them to your website, where a longer, info-packed video awaits them. It’s the marketing equivalent of a captivating trailer followed by the director’s cut, complete with juicy behind-the-scenes details.

By understanding the unique strengths of each format, you can craft a video ad strategy that captivates your audience, delivers on your marketing goals, and ultimately drives business growth!

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