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Group of people in a conference room attending 4A's Stratfest

Highlights from the Annual 4A’s Stratfest in NYC

As proud members of 4A’s, a prestigious marketing support network, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend this year’s NYC Stratfest. 

4A’s is leading our industry in assisting members to effectively shape culture through creative connection-making. No opportunity is wasted. And as a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we take pride in cultivating our talents. 

Stratfest provided the perfect opportunity for other agencies like ours to gather and diversify our awareness of what’s trending and how best to execute on behalf of the clients we serve.

What is Stratfest?

The focus of Stratfest revolves around ‘strategy’ and what it means as we develop our marketing and communications efforts in an ever-evolving consumer landscape. How brands communicate and connect with their potential clients depends immensely on the strategies executed. This two-day event draws everyone under one roof to showcase and celebrate the strategies proving most effective in marketing, media, and advertising across the world.

It is a time to network and grow as an industry, developing strategies that go beyond boosting sales for our clients to transforming our culture and challenging routine methodology. 

Highlights from 4A’s Stratfest NYC

Here are some of the many highlights from the event:

2022 Jay Chiat Awards

As a 25-year tradition, the 2022 Jay Chiat Awards were held as part of the Stratfest festivities. The awards were broken into gold, silver, and bronze winners for the following categories:

  • Brand Pivot Strategy
  • Connection Strategy
  • CX Strategy
  • Experiential Strategy
  • Global Strategy
  • Healthcare Strategy
  • National Strategy
  • Nonprofit Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Production Service Creation Strategy
  • Regional Strategy
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Grand Prix
  • Most Awarded Agency in 25 years
  • Most Awarded Agency Network in 25 years

The winners of all these categories were widely celebrated and recognized for executing the most effective strategic plans leading to breakthrough results for their clients. Extraordinary ideas and creativity flowed with each agency and individual recognized during the ceremony.  

Exponential Learning Throughout the Event

All throughout the event, it was evident how beneficial it is to pack an audience full of successful visionaries together and share ideas on what’s working in the industry. The hybrid event focused on reinvigorating our talents, creativity, and dreams for what’s possible in advertising and marketing. While focusing our communities with purpose remains vital, brands need relevant authenticity more than ever. Achieving these results was profusely discussed and visually represented throughout Stratfest 2022. 

Overall, our team came away with new vigor and invaluable strategy insights to use for more effective marketing and advertising. In many ways, it felt like a family reunion with other like-minded and purposed individuals. We’re proud to be a member of the successful 4A’s community and to reach the new heights we aspire to as an organization.

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