We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us here at ON Advertising; and that includes hittin’ the road to attend some stellar, much-anticipated events in 2020! Not only are we eager to meet others in our industry and bolster our knowledge, but we’re looking forward to utilizing what we learn to help us grow your business, and our partnerships, even further.

Hittin’ The Road: What’s Ahead

Digital’s Summit’s 3-day event features over 45 actionable sessions, more than 1,300 minutes of content to absorb, and covers everything from UX to social media strategy. This will be ON’s second year participating; and our attending team, of VP Of Marketing Strategies: Darren Higgs, Account Executive: Mikaela Copely, and Social Media Manager: Michelle Berry, is ramping up! We’re comin’ for you Ja Rule. 

At ON Advertising, we know how to make your brand come to life through our video production services. And this year our Videographer, Nate Sorenson, is attending the National Association of Broadcasting Show in Las Vegas to expand our knowledge and abilities even further. The 6-day show will cover audio and visual; and, according to their website, is perfect for “those striving to drive listeners and viewers in larger numbers for greater reach”. Let’s roll!  

Another way we’re rounding out our covered topics is by having our Traffic Manager, Courtney Blackman, attend the AZ Governor’s Conference on Tourism for the fourth year in a row. It’s full of educational information for travel professionals and destination/travel marketers! Because full-service is what we do, we want to learn all we can.

Stay Tuned

As our team members return from upcoming events, we’ll be recapping any tips, tricks, and insights they gather along the way. So, stay tuned to our social media pages, as well as our website, for recaps of everything on the horizon! 

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