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5 Reasons To Work at an Ad Agency

Looking for an exciting career to use the degree you just earned? Perhaps you’re looking to take the leap into a new field. Either way, an ad agency is an excellent place to land a job. Creative agencies are often the launching place for the numerous smart and witty ads you see on billboards, commercials, social posts, websites, etc. Agencies have solidified an industry reputation for high return on investment for the various types of clients they serve. 

If you’re interested in how agency life works and what you might gain from working in the industry, keep reading. You’ll learn how beneficial it is to take a job at an agency and how to get your foot in the door.

Major Benefits of Working at a Smaller Ad Agency

No matter what your educational background is, if you have a strong interest in breaking into the realm of advertising, there are plenty of reasons to do so. You’ll not only gain a wealth of new knowledge and skills in lucrative areas but will likely find a place worth putting roots down.

Take a look at the following 5 benefits of working at an advertising agency:

  1. Learning to Sell — The world of advertising is rooted in the foundational aspect of selling. Whether that starts by stirring up someone’s curiosity, spreading awareness, or explaining the benefits of something to clients and customers alike, all efforts are meant to sell customers on the idea of engaging and partnering with the brands that hire the agency. Learning the skill of influence through client-account executive communication, content marketing, copywriting, social media strategies, graphic design, etc. is possible when working at an agency. 
  1. Developing New Skills Other than Your Primary Role — Smaller agencies are especially good for developing valuable experience in multiple areas of the industry at once. It’s not uncommon to adjust to the needs of the clients and dynamic culture by taking on opportunities that require flexibility in your role. Client needs and tasks may change, and adjustments by everyone are necessary to cover the workload and ensure timely delivery. 
  1. A Variety of Industries — There is plenty of variety in the industries that you’ll interact with and learn about while working at an ad agency. If you’re naturally curious and enjoy learning about different types of businesses and brands, then you’ll enjoy the range. Each task becomes a creative puzzle to strategically put together and launch with measurable results. 
  1. Boost Your Career Path Forward — With so much variety within the agency, you’ll be skilled and knowledgeable across significant career areas. Due to the fast-paced nature, you’ll learn so much in a short amount of time and be equipped with greater proficiency in key skills.
  1. Fun Work Culture — Ad agencies are known for offsetting the demands of a rigorous schedule with plenty of fun and connection time for team members. This looks different everywhere, but it’s not uncommon for agencies to host team-building outings or cater lunches to promote positivity and strengthen work relationships. 

Best Ways to Land a Job at an Ad Agency

Now that we’ve discussed the many wonderful benefits of working at an ad agency, let’s look at ways to land a job at one. Here are some tips for job hunters looking to break into the world of advertising:

  • Become an intern 
  • Take an entry-level position
  • Do freelance work
  • Earn a degree related to the industry (e.g., Marketing and Advertising, Graphic Design, Film, Website Design, etc.)
  • Show enthusiasm as you network 
  • Call or email local agencies and express interest
  • Keep an eye on openings and apply right away

Hopefully, these tips will help you on your job search journey and shed light on just some of the many benefits when working at an ad agency.

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