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5 Reasons To Work at an Ad Agency

Looking for an exciting career to use the degree you just earned? Perhaps you’re looking to take the leap into a new field. Either way, an ad agency is an excellent place to land a job. Creative agencies are often the launching place for the numerous smart and witty ads you see on billboards, commercials, social posts, websites, etc. Agencies have solidified an industry reputation for high return on investment for the various types of clients they serve. 

If you’re interested in how agency life works and what you might gain from working in the industry, keep reading. You’ll learn how beneficial it is to take a job at an agency and how to get your foot in the door.

Major Benefits of Working at a Smaller Ad Agency

No matter what your educational background is, if you have a strong interest in breaking into the realm of advertising, there are plenty of reasons to do so. You’ll not only gain a wealth of new knowledge and skills in lucrative areas but will likely find a place worth putting roots down.

Take a look at the following 5 benefits of working at an advertising agency:

  1. Learning to Sell — The world of advertising is rooted in the foundational aspect of selling. Whether that starts by stirring up someone’s curiosity, spreading awareness, or explaining the benefits of something to clients and customers alike, all efforts are meant to sell customers on the idea of engaging and partnering with the brands that hire the agency. Learning the skill of influence through client-account executive communication, content marketing, copywriting, social media strategies, graphic design, etc. is possible when working at an agency. 
  1. Developing New Skills Other than Your Primary Role — Smaller agencies are especially good for developing valuable experience in multiple areas of the industry at once. It’s not uncommon to adjust to the needs of the clients and dynamic culture by taking on opportunities that require flexibility in your role. Client needs and tasks may change, and adjustments by everyone are necessary to cover the workload and ensure timely delivery. 
  1. A Variety of Industries — There is plenty of variety in the industries that you’ll interact with and learn about while working at an ad agency. If you’re naturally curious and enjoy learning about different types of businesses and brands, then you’ll enjoy the range. Each task becomes a creative puzzle to strategically put together and launch with measurable results. 
  1. Boost Your Career Path Forward — With so much variety within the agency, you’ll be skilled and knowledgeable across significant career areas. Due to the fast-paced nature, you’ll learn so much in a short amount of time and be equipped with greater proficiency in key skills.
  1. Fun Work Culture — Ad agencies are known for offsetting the demands of a rigorous schedule with plenty of fun and connection time for team members. This looks different everywhere, but it’s not uncommon for agencies to host team-building outings or cater lunches to promote positivity and strengthen work relationships. 

Best Ways to Land a Job at an Ad Agency

Now that we’ve discussed the many wonderful benefits of working at an ad agency, let’s look at ways to land a job at one. Here are some tips for job hunters looking to break into the world of advertising:

  • Become an intern 
  • Take an entry-level position
  • Do freelance work
  • Earn a degree related to the industry (e.g., Marketing and Advertising, Graphic Design, Film, Website Design, etc.)
  • Show enthusiasm as you network 
  • Call or email local agencies and express interest
  • Keep an eye on openings and apply right away

Hopefully, these tips will help you on your job search journey and shed light on just some of the many benefits when working at an ad agency.

ON Advertising is One of Phoenix’s Top Advertising Agencies

ON Advertising consists of brand strategists working synergistically to develop and support successful market influence.  Our full-scale consideration of each facet of marketing and advertising operates with clear goals and objectives laid out for each client and their unique needs. 

Our team of thinkers, creatives, and observers blend their talents together to help develop a brand that works for you.  Whether you are seeking additional advertising advice for your marketing strategy or any other retail project, we can make it happen!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business shine!

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The ROI of Hiring an Ad Agency

If your company is on the fence about hiring an advertising agency, there are plenty of compelling reasons to take the leap. Calculating your anticipated return on investment (ROI) is not only the best way to approach any business investment but a good way to project your business growth. 

No matter what stage of development your company is currently at, leveraging the expertise of an ad agency is often rocket fuel to your trajectory. 

Here’s why.

Reasons for Hiring an Ad Agency 

Take a look at the following reasons for investing in an ad agency for your brand and business.

Targeted Research and More Effective Execution —  No more taking a stab in the dark when it comes to your brand’s image and messaging reach. Even if you have an in-house marketing team, advertising agencies are shown to have the upper hand when it comes to ROI. Ad agencies perform in-depth research to design strategies with built-in reporting systems. 

Agency experts have access to key information through industry-specific tools and resources. These analytical insights help shape all aspects related to the campaigns launched on behalf of your business. 

Also, by tracking ‌trends through targeted research, planning out future campaigns is often easier and likely to be more effective. Capitalizing on this research approach often leads to more clear, effective brand messaging with a broader reach and significantly higher sales. 

Experienced Professionals with Winning Tactics — Hiring experienced professionals grants you immediate access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your disposal. Not only are all the tried and true methodologies utilized in your favor, but also the understanding of a changing buyer’s tech landscape. 

Knowing what tools and technologies prove effective and when and how to pivot is crucial. Working with an experienced advertising agency helps your brand navigate these tricky waters and execute a successful campaign.

Hiring an ad agency allows you the chance to discuss your goals, along with any upcoming opportunities to execute the best response from potential customers. Whatever you are prioritizing, whether it’s brand awareness or lead generation, an experienced professional ad agency is your key to reaching those goals. 

Saves You Time and Money — Doing anything right the first time is a time and money saver. Hiring an ad agency does just that. You don’t have to waste your resources with inefficient campaigns lacking the skill and tactic that comes with professionals. Outsourcing your advertising efforts helps ensure projects are completed on time while getting the most out of your ad spend. Operating like a well-oiled machine, ad agencies deliver quality work that meets your deadlines. 

The ROI for hiring an ad agency is practically endless and continues to benefit your brand and business for years to come. If you want to experience significant growth, partnering with professionals is one of the best ways to achieve this. Leaning on the expertise of those who specialize in designing successful advertising and marketing strategies is highly worth the investment.

ON Advertising is One of Phoenix’s Top Advertising Agencies

ON Advertising consists of brand strategists working synergistically to develop and support successful market influence.  Our full-scale consideration of each facet of marketing and advertising operates with clear goals and objectives laid out for each client and their unique needs. 

Our team of thinkers, creatives, and observers blend their talents together to help develop a brand that works for you.  Whether you are seeking additional advertising advice for your marketing strategy or any other retail project, we can make it happen!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business shine!

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Why Investing in Ongoing Training & Education is Vital to Success

In today’s world, accessing free tools to level up as an agency is easy. Engaging with free or low-cost online training, education and learning materials is one of the greatest advantages companies have. However, not everyone realizes the value and importance of this vital tool to bolster the growth and development of their team and lead to an overall successful company.

Thankfully, there’s no cap on learning and professional development. In the space of advertising and marketing, it is essential. The industry we serve possesses rapidly evolving methods of reaching diverse audiences with changing needs and interests. What worked ten or even five years ago isn’t always as effective as it was back then. 

Fostering Success Through Professional Development

Encouraging employees to build up their skill set in other departments has many benefits.  

Here are some key reasons why providing ongoing training and professional development is vital to your company’s success.

1. Improves Engagement and Retention

No one wants to feel as though they are in a dead-end job. Encouraging professional development and cross training helps team members stay engaged. 

The multi-faceted world of agency life is truly dynamic and full of creative and exciting nuances. This industry is one of the most engaging industries to be a part of, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to encourage ongoing training and education. 

Along with this, you are more likely to retain team members. You put new and existing team members in charge of their growth and career trajectory by allowing space for skill development and encouraging learning throughout the year. 

Making this value a part of your agency’s culture will attract high-quality team members who are enthusiastic about learning and growing with the company.

2. Maintaining Production of Business Operations

Cross-training and role development are important to maintaining your production of business operations. You want a team that is diverse in its skills and abilities not only for the role they serve but also for other departments. Gaps in roles are going to happen but are much more manageable when your existing team members are capable of handling the responsibilities and duties of others while they are out temporarily or are busy training a new employee. 

3. Easier to Promote from Within

Fostering an agency environment that values skill building and ongoing learning makes it easier to promote from within when an opportunity arises. This leads to more encouragement for current employees to learn and grow in the areas they may wish to crossover into later down the road. 

4. Cultivates a Growth Mindset 

A growth mindset is foundational for success in both a personal and professional setting. It means focusing on future-oriented goals and the milestones necessary to get there. Employees with this type of viewpoint hold intrinsic motivation in their workload and aren’t burdened by the idea of expanding their capabilities through ongoing education and development. 

5. Cross-Company Connectivity 

It’s easy for employees to feel like their roles exist on an island. However, cross-company connectivity forms when team members are encouraged and/or expected to learn from their peers and develop an understanding across the areas of production. 

Team members are more likely to perform better in their roles when they understand the bigger picture and how their contribution adds value to the goals of output. 

Fostering a learning environment also helps work relationships develop understanding and empathy for the various departmental demands they face. Every agency can benefit from cultivating a well-trained team through ongoing learning and development processes.

ON Advertising is One of Phoenix’s Top Advertising Agencies

ON Advertising consists of brand strategists working synergistically to develop and support successful market influence. Our full-scale consideration of each facet of marketing and advertising operates with clear goals and objectives laid out for each client and their unique needs. 

Our team of thinkers, creatives, and observers blend their talents together to help develop a brand that works for you.  Whether you are seeking additional advertising advice for your marketing strategy or any other retail project, we can make it happen!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business shine!

Client Spotlight: Dorn Policy Group

Dorn Policy Group was founded in 2000 on the belief that integrity, tenacity, and client results should be the cornerstone of quality government relations. Since their inception, they have grown to become one of Arizona’s premier lobbying firms working within all levels of government to ensure their clients’ best interests are represented. We’re honored to work with Dorn in a variety of their marketing efforts and look forward to pushing their company even further.

As one of the top advertising agencies in Phoenix, ON Advertising is an incredible resource for quality marketing services. Our team of professionals strives for results that invigorate your business and secure an increase in ROI. Read our article below and learn how we’ve been able to assist Dorn Policy Group in its marketing activity.

Redesigning Dorn Policy Group’s Website

One of the things we knew we had to tackle with Dorn’s marketing strategy is to update their online presence. This started with completely overhauling the design of their website to be more appealing for the user. This involved incorporating new brand colors, updating the company logo, and decluttering their website navigation. Additionally, we made sure to incorporate images of the Dorn team as our research had shown that this is an excellent way to build trust amongst prospective clients.

Since redesigning Dorn Policy Group’s website, the company has seen tremendous success. According to their website analytics, they’ve seen an increase in their users (+398%), new users (+431%), and sessions (+280%). As a result, the company is receiving more interest from prospective clients.

Social Media Matters

From LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, Dorn’s social strategy is all about informing their audience on how they can serve organizations with proficient government relations and influence public policy. By creating “shoutouts” to Dorn’s current clients, they strengthen their partnerships and create profound trust amongst their audience.

Alice Huynh, one of ON Advertising’s talented Social Media Assistants explains, “Dorn focuses on being bipartisan and that can be tricky when it comes to important issues in today’s world, especially on Twitter. It’s not easy to show on social media, but we understand that it’s an important social strategy for Dorn to convey that message to their audience and that they are willing to work with both sides of the aisle to meet their clients’ demands.”  

On Twitter alone, Dorn consistently gains over 8k impressions month-over-month. With the right hashtag strategy and extensive research, ON Advertising positions Dorn Policy Group to be a bipartisan news source on what’s happening in the Arizona Legislature. Not to mention how it affects their clients and the communities they serve. 

Developing Content That Resonates With Dorn Policy Group’s Audience

Content marketing is a very important tool for Dorn as it allows users to connect with the company. We offer strategic content marketing services designed to reach and resonate with their audience. This is achieved through monthly blog posts, videos, and infographics.  

Also, we use SEO keyword research to help us determine what their audience is searching for to better position them in search engine results. Moreover, it helps drive the content on Dorn’s website.

Frankie Calandra, ON Advertising’s copywriter explains, “keyword research isn’t just used for Google Ads. It’s an important resource for writers to determine which words the client has the best chance at ranking higher for. When you see me working on website copy or a blog post, the keyword research is typically close by so I can formulate the copy around these important words”.

That mentality has given Dorn Policy Group incredible results. Looking at their website analytics, their organic search has played a vital role in attracting users to their page. Their organic search has blown up by 685% when compared to last year. This is entirely due to our push for obtainable keywords in the website copy and blog posts.

Email Marketing is Key in Dorn Policy Group’s Strategy

Another important element of Dorn’s marketing strategy is email marketing. Every month we create messaging that goes out to almost 17,000 contacts with the overall goal to generate traffic towards the Dorn website and interest in their services. Through this, we’re able to inform recipients of Dorn Policy Group’s range of services and why having a government relations professional is important to their business. 

Through our email marketing efforts, our client has been able to generate more leads for their services. Additionally, our blog posts benefit from an increase in visitors by linking the emails to their respective pages. Tools such as campaign URL builders help us evaluate how effective our email marketing is in pushing users to the Dorn Policy Group website.

ON Advertising Are Experts in a Wide Range of Industries

We’re proud of the work we accomplished for Dorn Policy Group, Inc., and we’re excited to continue our partnership with them. As one of the top advertising agencies in Phoenix, ON Advertising is an award-winning full-service advertising and marketing agency committed to the success of our clients — and featuring a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about what we do. We provide our clients with award-winning services customized for each organization to ensure their brand succeeds. Contact us today to learn how ON Advertising can help you.

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The Benefits of Virtual Events

A new world is emerging in the way we communicate with others.  Technologies created or improved in the face of the pandemic helped us continue with business meetings, family gatherings and maintaining relationships, even though we kept our distances. Sometimes miles away. Although it seems like an inferior solution, virtual events have actually proven to be an effective alternative. 

In fact, Grand View Research estimates the market size for virtual events is expected to grow by 23.2% from 2020 to 2027. This can be attributed to the many benefits these types of events provide to their guests. As lockdowns began, On Advertising had the foresight to transform our digital studio into a fully equipped virtual studio.  We’ve been at the forefront of virtual meetings and conferences since the pandemic started, working with small groups to hundreds in attendance.  As one of the top Arizona digital marketing agencies, we’ve highlighted a few benefits we’ve seen with these online events. 

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are an online space built to replicate a physical location-based event. It allows people and companies to host an online conference, trade show, product launch, job fair, lunch and learn session, or informative interviews from the comfort of their home or office. When deciding to host a virtual event, there are 5 types to consider:

  • Webinar: These are the simplest form of online events and they’re a great starting off point for organizations in virtual planning
  • Webinar +: This extends the concept of a regular webinar by adding features such as content hubs and in-depth reports
  • Content and Connect: An essential aspect of in-person events is the opportunity to network with peers and experts. Event planners will be able to facilitate a way for people to connect with others virtually through their online events
  • Online Summit/Conference: Much like in-person conferences, online summits are broken into themed sessions, offering short presentations, Q&As, and panels with full audience participation
  • Virtual Expo/Fairs/Festivals: Like any in-person expo, organizers are trading their multi-day, multi-venue events for an online model built around a virtual replicate

How Can Businesses Benefit From Virtual Events 

Online Events are Less Expensive

One prominent benefit to virtual events is their ability to save on overhead costs. Because you are saving on staff, venues, setup, takedown, meals, and travel costs, the overall cost of the event is greatly reduced. According to Aventri, it’s up to 75% less expensive than in-person events. The only cost planners must worry about is the costs associated with hosting an event on a virtual platform.

Promotes Attendee Growth and Delivers Additional Value

Because there aren’t any geographical limitations, people from all over the world can attend these virtual events. This allows for greater reach by inviting people who wouldn’t normally make it in-person to attend the online festivities. Furthermore, these online events will typically have overlapping sessions, allowing users to attend more than one panel simultaneously

Virtual Events Can Easily Be Measured

One of the disadvantages of hosting an in-person event is the difficulty of measuring results. By hosting an online event, planners have the ability to easily access results thanks to being entirely online. They are capable of learning when attendees logged on, from where, the number of people who are attending, how they are paying, and so much more. With so much information, organizers have the data to evaluate the success of their event.

Do Virtual Events Work?

As mentioned, online events are growing and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at a rapid speed. These types of events have become so popular amongst organizations, many industry leaders expect planners to begin developing hybrid models. Many people are beginning to look into hosting their own online events to make up for their inability to host in-person.

At ON Advertising, we’ve experienced firsthand just how effective this type of event can be. We recently helped the Seena Magowitz Foundation host their ‘2020 Celebration of Hope’ event, which replaced their annual gala and golf tournament. We also helped the non-profit, Saving Amy, with their ‘Toss Kindness Like Confetti’ event, which raised more than $120,000 in donations. Despite their inability to host in-person events, online alternatives provided them with a platform to safely reach and engage with users during the pandemic.

Plan Your Virtual Event With ON Advertising

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew we had to step up our event planning game. That is why we invested in Studio ON, our in-house production studio built with full filming, production, and live streaming in mind. Our event planning and production teams are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to ensure your virtual event goes off without a hitch. Contact us today to learn more about our event planning capabilities!

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Media Buying – Choosing The Right Media For Your Business

When you think of an advertising team, you probably picture a group of writers, artists, and account executives huddled around a conference room table. As creatives, we can spend all day creating ads, but what’s the point if they’re not seen by the right people? That’s where the media buyer comes in. Media buyers are an integral part of an agency’s success as their job is to understand the client’s goals and target the right audience on the right advertising platforms. Without the media buyer, your message can easily get lost in the static.

What Does a Media Buyer Do?

Media Buyers plan and negotiate buys for various clients. They work with other departments to better understand the client’s marketing goals and the target audience for the advertising. With this information, the media buyer will purchase ad space where the target audience will respond, engage, and buy the company’s products or services. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of media, including television, radio, print, billboard, digital, and OTT. By knowing the different areas of media, the buyer helps choose the right medium that would give the client the best return on investment (ROI) for their advertising dollars. 

Look At Where Your Competitors Are Advertising

The media buyer takes several things into consideration before making recommendations on where you place your hard-earned advertising dollars. This includes looking at your competitor’s ad placement and ways to outshine and outperform what your competition is doing so you capture more market share. 

Fine Tune Your Message With Consumer Analysis

It never hurts to do research, especially when you’re marketing your brand to consumers. Trends and buying habits change over time, and it is the media buyer’s job to make sure your message is seen in relation to their interests. If your target audience is a part of the generation Z demographic, buyers must look into their buying habits and current trends that could help your brand stand out.

Which Medium is Right For You?

With several different places to advertise, the media buyer has many outlets to choose from to get your message out there. Depending on the marketing strategy, the buyer may decide on television, print, radio, digital, or billboard spots. Each with their own benefits, including:

  • Television: Can deliver a message visually and audibly with a low cost for viewing
  • Radio: Provides an outstanding reach, frequency, and ability to expose the listener to build awareness
  • Billboard: With placement along freeways, it provide a high reach and visibility
  • Digital: Digital advertising has strong targeting capabilities that will provide brands a more efficient way of delivering their message to their audience
  • Print: This medium benefits from a highly engaged audience, which may translate into action

By combining research, analytics, and strategy, the media buyer will ensure your ad reaches the proper audience, engages with them, and gets your audience to buy your product or service. 

Make Your Brand Stand Out With ON Advertising

In today’s digital world, there are several ways brands can stand out amongst your competitors. At ON Advertising, we work closely with our clients to ensure their brand is front and center. Advertising is a strategy, and knowing when and where to buy takes an experienced media buyer. Contact us today to get started.