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ON Advertising and First Responder Recruiting

Here at ON Advertising, we are the only agency in the country that specializes in first responder recruiting. We’re proud of the work we have done to give back to the community by creating campaigns that attract all different types of police officers, corrections officers, sheriff’s deputies, 911 operators, private security professionals, and more.
It is important for the officers, deputies, operators, and private security professionals to have a full staff with new candidates applying regularly to keep the community safe. The more officers working, the better. Having an overworked and understaffed department could potentially be dangerous to the community and can give the department a bad reputation. Giving job opportunities the right exposure is crucial to keep the department running smoothly.
To be effective with digital marketing for first responder recruiting, it is important to realize different segments of the market respond to different tactics. We use advanced methods of targeting potential candidates through digital platforms, here are some examples:


Various demographics of people including age, gender, and education are all attracted to different types of positions. We first segment the market by demographics to establish the type of content needed for exposure. For example, a woman may be interested in law enforcement if she is exposed to another woman in uniform. She will be able to relate, yet still be able to want to achieve a sense of empowerment like the advertisement is portraying.


Targeting appealing jobs to a nearby and accurate locations of the potential candidates is key for making sure there is active engagement with advertisements. If someone comes across an advertisement for the operating center close to their neighborhood, he or she might be inclined to interact with the ad and want to find out more.


Targeting people based on content they actively engage in is another advanced way to create accurate exposure. In the case of law enforcement positions, we are able to target people who have shown an interest in law enforcement news and pages. These users have a higher likelihood of being aspiring officers or existing officers who may be interested in moving departments.
These segments and tactics are just some of the basic ways we use to help cities and states boost their reputation, and increase awareness of employment opportunities. At On Advertising, we tailor your needs for the community in a special and skillful way. Our experience and expertise has yielded successful first responder recruiting results for many cities, states, and counties.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how we can help your first responder recruiting needs.

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