ON Topic: Facebook’s Algorithm Update

Facebook just announced their newest change to their newsfeed algorithm. Facebook’s goal with this change is to offer users more of an opportunity for meaningful engagement on quality posts with the companies and brands. Since the 2016 election, Facebook has been trying to increase support in providing authentic content since they have been criticized for the amount of misinformation and clickbait that was reaching consumers.
“And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.” – Mark Zuckerberg.
Many media outlets and publishers should be worried about this newest update. Not us. Posting content that does not align with the three major goals set out by Facebook will not succeed within this new algorithm. Posting unrelatable content, spamming timelines, and information spawning from an non-credible source will be the ones most affected. With these changes, our clients’ Facebook strategies actually benefit since ON Advertising strategies align with how Facebook wants companies to post content. With that being said, there are actions brands can take to advantage of these changes:

  • Original engaging content – Relatable pics and posts that stoke conversation.
  • Video – Get creative with your audience, produce short snackable videos, and get in the livestream game.
  • Events – People love to share what they are doing and entice others to join.
  • Influencers & Groups – Social media influencers align with the first three strategies, so they will also be another tool to use.

While the initial announcement of Facebook adjusting their algorithm may seem intimidating, ON Advertising has been using these strategies before Facebook’s algorithmic transition. In fact, we will be able to utilize this update to perform beyond our client expectations. ON Advertising will be better equipped to share your business’s story and support your strategic goals.
“Good social media in every platform is about connecting the stories and people that matter most to you. So, create stories that matter to your people.”  – Irasema Jeffers, Chief Digital Officer at ON Advertising.

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