Getting Beyond the Social Controversy

Social Media is a great tool to use.  However, think before you send, know that millions can potentially read your comments and the message you send about your company is one portrayed properly through your networks.
On Advertising President Ron Meritt said his Phoenix-based company advocates the use of online platforms for its clients to communicate with customers on need-to-know facts or information.
“As social media is a now platform of communication, it is important that clients know whatever they say on social media is done and will be interpreted by the reader based on their knowledge and experience level,” Meritt said. “It is important to respect the power social media has on the opinions of people and to not use it as a platform for personal hatred that can have a poor reflection on your company. As more and more people get their news from social media, it is becoming a hotbed of differing opinions with people posting controversial statements for the sake of getting attention,” he added. “Facts tend to be slated or inaccurate leading to false conclusions and misinformation. From a business perspective, this can harm a company’s reputation and/or bottom line by participating in controversial tweet or posts.”

Social Media Statistics

Small Business Trends looked at how people are becoming more interactive on social media. As the number of people on networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have grown, businesses have tailored their communications strategy to deal with those networks. Here is a look at some of the stats behind social media and why businesses should continue paying attention.

  • 97% of adults age 16-64 say they have visited a social network within the past month.
  • 56% of adults online use more than one of these five social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook).
  • 1 out of 3 minutes spent online daily is devoted to social networking and messaging with engaging an average of 1 hour 58 minutes each day.
  • 80% of internet users visit/use social media networks on their mobile devices.
  • Individuals have an average of 7 social media accounts. This is up from 3 in 2012.
  • 43% of people use social media to keep with family and friends.
  • 41% of people use social media as their primary source for news.
  • 39% of people use social media to fill down time.

(Excepts of this article were taken from The Phoenix Business Journal article dated January 13, 2017 with permission)

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