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3 Steps Towards Improved Brand and Agency Partnerships

Knowing how to build and maintain quality relationships is a life skill that pays dividends in rewards if mastered. The brand-agency dynamic is one such relationship that carries a wealth of potential. 

How can these relationships bond into long-term, successful business partnerships? 

There are some strategic steps you can take to make this a reality. Experience the benefits of building strong partnerships by utilizing the following action steps.

Improving Your Brand-Agency Relationship

1. Frequent and Transparent Communication

Yes, communication is top of the list for improving relationships of every kind. The agency-brand relationship is no different. It is foundational to establish good communication, ‘good’ meaning frequent and transparent communication. 

Be honest and share openly with updates and responses that won’t leave the other side in the dark or questioning your integrity. By doing so, you are boosting productivity and clarity on intentions, ideas, strategy and next steps. Being intentional about establishing quality communication also naturally leads to trust.

It’s important to have straightforward talks concerning budget costs, payment structures, and expectations early on and regularly as needed. Transparency in your conversations will help eliminate misunderstandings and confusion while securing the groundwork for trust.

2. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Don’t wait for someone else to point out where you may have messed up. Be the first to hold yourself accountable for any areas where you know there’s been a mistake or caused confusion. Accountability reinforces the trust you are building over time. It shows that you care about the scope of work performed as well as the results produced. Are you overpromising while underperforming or are you underpromising and overperforming? Be aware of what you promise and what you deliver. Try to maintain consistency with full accountability when inconsistencies appear rather than having them build up and go unaddressed.

3. Focus on Tracking and Reviewing Data-Driven Results

Numbers don’t lie. They speak for themselves and remove any ambiguity when both sides are discussing the effectiveness of an ad campaign or other marketing initiative. It would be wise to place importance on data tracking from the start. 

While creativity is important, brands need to know their agency understands their goals and has a proven strategy on how to reach them. Showing a brand through trackable data where they were before and how they’ve improved since their partnership with you is huge. It goes back to holding yourself accountable, reinforcing trust, and fostering good communication as mentioned earlier. 

Brands not only want to see their return on investment but deserve to as part of a valuable relationship with your agency. A data-driven approach uses all the tools and technologies available to ensure successful measures are taken. 

These are just a few of the many ways to cultivate a stronger, healthier partnership between brands and agencies. They are powerful tools to start implementing right away as a normal part of your company culture. You’ll soon see noticeable results in the quality and longevity of your partnerships. 

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