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Why Investing in Ongoing Training & Education is Vital to Success

In today’s world, accessing free tools to level up as an agency is easy. Engaging with free or low-cost online training, education and learning materials is one of the greatest advantages companies have. However, not everyone realizes the value and importance of this vital tool to bolster the growth and development of their team and lead to an overall successful company.

Thankfully, there’s no cap on learning and professional development. In the space of advertising and marketing, it is essential. The industry we serve possesses rapidly evolving methods of reaching diverse audiences with changing needs and interests. What worked ten or even five years ago isn’t always as effective as it was back then. 

Fostering Success Through Professional Development

Encouraging employees to build up their skill set in other departments has many benefits.  

Here are some key reasons why providing ongoing training and professional development is vital to your company’s success.

1. Improves Engagement and Retention

No one wants to feel as though they are in a dead-end job. Encouraging professional development and cross training helps team members stay engaged. 

The multi-faceted world of agency life is truly dynamic and full of creative and exciting nuances. This industry is one of the most engaging industries to be a part of, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to encourage ongoing training and education. 

Along with this, you are more likely to retain team members. You put new and existing team members in charge of their growth and career trajectory by allowing space for skill development and encouraging learning throughout the year. 

Making this value a part of your agency’s culture will attract high-quality team members who are enthusiastic about learning and growing with the company.

2. Maintaining Production of Business Operations

Cross-training and role development are important to maintaining your production of business operations. You want a team that is diverse in its skills and abilities not only for the role they serve but also for other departments. Gaps in roles are going to happen but are much more manageable when your existing team members are capable of handling the responsibilities and duties of others while they are out temporarily or are busy training a new employee. 

3. Easier to Promote from Within

Fostering an agency environment that values skill building and ongoing learning makes it easier to promote from within when an opportunity arises. This leads to more encouragement for current employees to learn and grow in the areas they may wish to crossover into later down the road. 

4. Cultivates a Growth Mindset 

A growth mindset is foundational for success in both a personal and professional setting. It means focusing on future-oriented goals and the milestones necessary to get there. Employees with this type of viewpoint hold intrinsic motivation in their workload and aren’t burdened by the idea of expanding their capabilities through ongoing education and development. 

5. Cross-Company Connectivity 

It’s easy for employees to feel like their roles exist on an island. However, cross-company connectivity forms when team members are encouraged and/or expected to learn from their peers and develop an understanding across the areas of production. 

Team members are more likely to perform better in their roles when they understand the bigger picture and how their contribution adds value to the goals of output. 

Fostering a learning environment also helps work relationships develop understanding and empathy for the various departmental demands they face. Every agency can benefit from cultivating a well-trained team through ongoing learning and development processes.

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