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How we rebuilt a legacy.

B&D Industries, Inc. has been an integral part of the Albuquerque community for more than 60 years. They offer specialized expertise in electrical, plumbing technologies, and HVAC systems, including construction, operation, maintenance, and repair services. They hired ON Advertising to redesign their logo and website, create various vehicle wraps, and provide creative collateral. B&D has benefited from a fresh, modern look that serves as a differentiator from their competitors and places them on a pedestal as true leaders in their field. In 2017, ON launched a successful advertising campaign that accumulated a total of 2,820,093 impressions over 9 months. We exceeded our impressions goal by 343,326. ON continues to strength B&D’s brand and just recently launched an overview, new hire, and testimonial videos.

Chico Malo reached out to ON Advertising to help spur growth ahead of competing concepts that were moving into the Downtown area and encroaching on their turf.


impressions over a
9 month campaign.

Website Redesign

ON Advertising developed a customized website design for B&D. Our objective was to create a clean, responsive website design that had new functionality and improved usability.

A website mock-up for B&D Industries
ON Advertising has been a tremendous asset for B&D. Their work on our website and blogs have been phenomenal, helping us to tell the story of what makes us the Duke City’s go-to residential and commercial general contracting firm. We can’t recommend ON Advertising highly enough!
Jamie Westerfield
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