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3 Secrets to Successful Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising has been around for over a century, and for good reason. Even in today’s digital age, the power of a well-placed and cleverly designed billboard cannot be denied. With the right approach, billboard advertising can be a highly effective way to promote your brand and reach a wide audience. But in order to truly succeed in the modern age, there are a few secrets to keep in mind. 

Here are three keys to successful billboard advertising:

1. Keep it Simple!

When it comes to billboard advertising, less is often more. With the average driver only having a few seconds to take in your message, it’s important to keep your design simple and easy to understand. Stick to one main message or image, and avoid cluttering your billboard with too much text or graphics.

Remember, your goal is not to provide every detail about your brand or product on the billboard. Instead, you want to create a strong, memorable impression that will stick with your audience long after they’ve passed by

2. Location, Location, Location!

One of the biggest secrets to successful billboard advertising is choosing the right location. Your billboard should be placed in a high-traffic area where it will be seen by as many people as possible. But beyond that, it’s important to think about the context in which your audience will be viewing the billboard.

For example, if your target audience consists of busy commuters, you’ll want to choose a location that’s visible from a major highway or busy intersection. On the other hand, if you’re targeting a more local audience, you might consider placing your billboard in a prominent spot in the center of town.

It’s also important to consider the environment in which your billboard will be placed. Is it surrounded by other billboards and signs that will compete for your audience’s attention? Or is it positioned in a way that will allow it to stand out and make a strong impression? By thinking carefully about the location and context of your billboard, you can ensure that it has the maximum impact on your target audience.

3. Embrace the Power of Digital

Finally, it’s important to remember that in the modern age, billboards don’t have to be purely analog. With the rise of digital billboards, you have the opportunity to create dynamic, interactive advertising experiences that can capture your audience’s attention in new and exciting ways.

For example, you might consider creating a billboard that incorporates social media or other digital channels, allowing viewers to engage with your brand in real-time. Or, you could use a digital billboard to create a series of eye-catching visuals that change over time, keeping your audience engaged and interested as they pass by.

By embracing the power of digital, you can take your billboard advertising to the next level and create experiences that truly resonate with your target audience.

Successful billboard advertising in the modern age requires a careful balance of simplicity, location, and innovation. By keeping your design simple and bold, choosing the right location, and embracing the power of digital, you can create billboard advertising that is both effective and memorable. So get out there and start promoting your brand with the timeless power of the billboard!

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A piece of billboard marketing over a busy highway in a city

3 Ways Billboard Marketing is an Effective Method of Promotion

If you’ve ever taken a lengthy road trip or commute to work, you’ve likely noticed some form of billboard marketing. According to Scenic, there are over 425,000 billboards across U.S. highways that promote businesses and organizations. This does not account for the amount located in populated urban areas. While some commuters may not notice this form of promotion, it remains an effective method of bringing awareness to your business. 

As one of the best advertising agencies in Phoenix, we’ve seen firsthand how out-of-home advertising can enhance business awareness and revenue. Read below and see what we have learned about out-of-home advertising.

Billboard Marketing can Reach Target Markets

Because billboards are everywhere, you can choose where you want to promote your business and products. Selecting the right location gives your company a better shot of attracting its target customers.  For example, a restaurant could attract hungry drivers and other passersby on highways and highly populated areas.

Measuring billboard marketing effectiveness always begins with evaluating the potential location of the ad’s placement. This is achieved by considering several factors about the location, including:

  • The number of people or vehicles that pass the billboard per day
  • The number of people or vehicles that could see the billboard per day
  • The people who actually noticed/interacted with the billboard

Build Awareness with Billboard Marketing

While billboards aren’t as effective at getting a response as digital strategies, they’re excellent in building brand awareness. Because many commuters see the same billboard multiple times, they retain the message and associate it with the brand/company. By creating memorable billboard designs, potential customers will remember the business when they need their services or products. A billboard for a restaurant, for example, helps build awareness of their brand by providing information to passersby on its location and food. When people have a craving for food they serve, they will recall the brand and where to find them.

Billboard marketing must be creative to stand out among people’s commute or on long road trips. It should tell a story or create a call-to-action in as few words as possible to make it memorable. By working with a creative advertising agency, you will benefit from our agency’s knowledge and expertise in designing noteworthy billboards.

Billboard Marketing is Always On

While you might invest in broadcasting your ads at certain times of the day, billboard advertising is visible all day and night, in some cases. Out-of-home advertising leads to repeated exposure as people continually pass by the advertisement. While the message tends to be shorter than other forms of advertising, a potential customer has a high possibility of retaining this information.  Additionally, when paired with an effective digital strategy, billboard marketing can boost the strategy’s effectiveness by 40%.

According to Mixed Media Outdoor, the average person drives between 26.2 and 31.5 miles a day. Additionally, Americans spend an average of 293 hours in their cars a year. What does this data mean? The more time people spend in the car, the more time they will look at their surroundings. As a result, Hubspot notes that 71% of people consciously look at billboards while driving. This is partially due to the fact that ads cannot be blocked out like online and other traditional ads can. 

Invest in Creative Out-Of-Home Marketing with ON Advertising

Since 1993, ON Advertising has been the source for full-service marketing solutions. Whether you’re looking for creative billboard marketing or an upgrade to your digital strategy, we’re here to help. Our expert team works closely with every client to ensure their brand and messaging are front and center. Contact us today and see why ON Advertising is one of the leading ad agencies in Arizona. 

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