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Karrie Webb Wins LPGA Tournament at Salina Country Club

Salina Country Club— a client of ON Advertising, proudly hosted the 2022 LPGA Senior Championship with a full three-day event coming to an end last week. Karrie Webb was named the winner by the end of the live-streamed tournament and crowned this year’s first-time Senior Champion! 

The LPGA event brought people together from around the world to participate and enjoy a weekend-long tournament filled with challenging and exhilarating activities for amateurs and professionals alike. 

We are proud to have supported this much-anticipated event by creating beautifully graphic designed signage, an official Tournament Program Booklet, and more that we’ll discuss further on. 

Now let’s dive into the details!

Annika Sorentstam vs. Karrie Webb

The tournament had been billed as a Battle of Hall of Famers, as the 47-year-old Webb and 51-year-old Annika Sorenstam rekindled a rivalry that spans decades. Sorenstam, a Swede, and the Australian Webb have played head to head dozens of times and have a combined 113 LPGA titles, including 17 majors and a total of 150 wins worldwide. 

Karrie Webb’s First Senior Championship Title

The two Hall of Fame players felt the pressure of the competition as the game continued to advance, and they were tied at the final turn. However, Annika closed with a 69, not making a birdie the rest of the way and putting Karrie in the lead. The 2022 LPGA Senior Championship tournament offered Karrie Webb a challenging yet rewarding victory playing against a well-experienced rival— Annika Sorenstam. Despite the loud cheers for Annika and the reputation she carried throughout her many years dominating women’s professional golf, Karrie Webb persevered. She closed with a 5-under 67, for a four-shot victory over Annika Sorenstam. Karrie finished 14-under 202, winning her first senior title and a prize of $60,000.

Karrie Webb was pronounced the winner, later taking the stage with thanks and appreciation for her rewards and recognition. On the way to her first senior title,  Webb knew she must play her best when Sorenstam sunk a first-hole eagle in the final round. Webb later told reporters, “It was kind of a ‘game-on’ moment. Once that went in, I was like, ‘All right, here we go.’ I just knew I had to play my best golf.” 

Congratulations to Karrie Webb from everyone at ON Advertising!

ON Advertising Providing Real-Time Coverage in Salina, Kansas

Our role at the agency was pivotal in capturing the real-time events of the LPGA Senior Championship and sharing them with the world. 

Long before the event kicked off, our skilled team of creatives successfully promoted this event by developing special landing pages, ad banners, blog post content, and other ad announcements on the Salina Country Club website, social media, local advertising, and media buys. Throughout the planning process, our accounts team worked with our LPGA contacts to organize event marketing strategies for significantly increasing ticket sales and Pro-Am Tournament sign-ups. 

On the weekend of the LPGA tournament, On Advertising was there and ready to capture all the action, passion, enthusiasm, awards, and community engagement of the event. Select team members traveled to Salina, Kansas to shoot videos, take photographs, and provide real-time social media updates throughout each day of the tournament.

On Ad’s before, during, and after involvement proved to bolster event awareness and community engagement, providing anticipation for an even greater turnout for next year’s annual LPGA event. 

Giving Back to the Community

The Salina Country Club provided a beautifully spacious and bright backdrop for the tournament. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and excitement from fans, spectators, amateur players, and fellow participants. It was sponsored by The Bennington State Bank with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting the Love Chloe Foundation.

The Salina, Kansas community came together to make the experience for everyone involved a memorable one. All the sponsors and partners assisting with accommodations and activities throughout the weekend are tremendously valuable for their contribution to the success of the 2022 LPGA Championship Tournament. 

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