2017 marketing predictions

2017 Marketing Predictions

2017 is going to be another exciting year for marketers. Amex Open Forum quoted a portion of the  2017 marketing predictions we made here at On Advertising.  Here are the rest!

Top Three 2017 Marketing Predictions

  1. Digital will increase in total share of marketing dollars.
  2. Raw marketing costs in social (e.g. impressions/clicks) will go up as more marketers see value in paid social promotions.
  3. Some of the most exciting and profitable campaigns will be campaigns that incorporate “old” media, as these strategies will be discounted.

Here’s the Beef (Assuming You Were Asking Where)

Digital increase in total share of marketing dollars is hardly surprising.
Regarding the rising cost of paid social campaigns, while the baseline costs of paid social promotions will go up (i.e. the CPM), the profitability of social campaigns will still go up for many marketers, as they get high returns for being more experienced at producing great creative for social audiences, and refining their audience targeting.
While there will be some great videos, online content, etc., a few of the savviest marketers will look to capitalize on discounts and nostalgia by producing great campaigns that incorporate marketing strategies that have been around for decades. An example of such a campaign is Snapchat Spectacles, which launched with vending machine distribution earlier late last year. Whether it’s door hangers, newspaper ads, door-to-door sales people, booth design, promotional schwag, or something else, expect to see some cool new campaigns kickin’ it old school.

One Other Note

When we think of marketing predictions, we often think primarily of “promotion” from the timeless 4/7Ps. Business owners would do well to remember that marketing also includes things like price, positioning, and place. The new year is a good time for a business owner to evaluate how their particular industry will change along these lines as well.
What are your predictions for 2017?

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