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When is the Best Time of Day to do Video Advertising?

With millions of websites, YouTube, Facebook and other online video advertising options, the opportunity to present your product or service on the web is limitless. Understanding the relationship between video viewing habits and ad receptivity will maximize your results. By understanding how this relationship works, you can increase revenue opportunities using these insights when engaging in digital ad campaigns.
The research behind this relationship uses a combination of behavioral, contextual and psychographic factors as they all play a role in how consumers view and respond to advertising messaging. Advertisers can improve effectiveness of any digital ad campaign when using consumer insights and adapt publishing practices to optimize ad receptivity and effectiveness.
While evenings are traditionally viewed as optimal due to the volume of video viewership, early morning viewing has a higher level of receptivity to advertising and the willingness to receive a message from a brand. According to a national study, consumers viewing an advertisement early morning (3:00am – 11:59am) are 11% more likely to buy or react positively to your product or service than during the evening hours. This is the highest time frame for purchase intent. Late night/early morning (9:00pm – 2:59am) is the next highest time for purchasing at 5% more likely to buy than any other time of the day except the early morning time slot.
Consumers are more receptive to video advertising on tablets than on smartphones during the morning hours but, this trend is reversed during the evening hours when smartphones become the device of choice.
Like any effective advertising campaign, content is king!  If the content is enjoyable, consumers are four times are more likely to buy your product or service than if they don’t like the content.
Increasing Revenue
By understanding viewership behaviors, ad receptivity and ad performance insights, advertisers can build strategies to better connect with consumers at the time across the right device.  Therefore, advertisers should take advantage of this research and maximize profit opportunities particularly as it relates to placing ads in early morning time slots when digital ad receptivity is highest.

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