How to Prep Your Firm for AI Marketing

Why You Should Be Looking at AI Marketing:
Faster Decisions- With AI, systems can look and analyze a large pool of data quickly and make snap decisions based on what the data says. It can learn algorithms and identify relationships of consumer preferences with limited human management meaning businesses can make media-buying decisions promptly without having to analyze the data themselves.  
Advanced Personalization- With the plethora of ads out there, consumers are more likely to engage in them when it is personalized to their wants or needs. AI can assist with that with predictive analytics. Tracking buying behaviors and customer searches, data can be used to help produce content that is more tailored to consumer preferences.
Better Customer Service- With effective chatbots, customers can get the help they need faster, and more efficiently. For example, Sephora was one of the first companies to have a chatbox on their website. They have increased customer satisfaction by having the capability to serve more needs with quicker response time.

What Lies Ahead in AI Marketing?

Improved Data Collection- Although AI has advanced data collection capabilities right now, there is always room for improvement. With growing technology, AI will be able to handle more amounts of data to identify specific relationships. Improving everything from consumer targeting, to better content.
More time to be Creative-The one thing AI cannot replace is human creativity. With AI taking care of all the grunt work, it leaves you and your business more time to focus on the fun side of marketing: creativity. Marketers are excited about having AI systems within their work because it is not threatening their jobs, it is enhancing their work. has reported 51% of marketing leaders use AI and in the next two years, 27% more companies will be using it. To learn more about AI marketing or how to get started, click here.

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