A bar graph showing a rise in trends

2018’s Hottest Advertising Trends

Can you believe 2018 is almost history? On the cusp of a new year, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on a few of the trends that shaped the advertising business these past twelve months.
The growth and influence of ephemeral content was the advertising story of the year. Ephemeral content is photos and videos that aren’t permanent; it disappears in a certain length of time, usually 24 hours. With Instagram creating a Story’s feature on their platform, users are now exposed to more relevant content. In 2018, consumers were looking to connect with brands that stood out from competitors. It’s easy to show off the personality of a brand using quick and playful content. Stories allow us to post time-sensitive content without over-saturating our audience. Check out a good example of ephemeral content by viewing the Stories on our Instagram page.
It seems that every year we talk about the growth of video content getting more attention than the written word. The majority of videos we shoot and produce are overview videos that help our clients provide consumers with a visual idea of who they are and what they do in about 60 seconds. Although we still produce many overview videos, in 2018 we began incorporating a new trend: blog videos. Ranging from about 30 seconds to two minutes, these videos adroitly combine blog sentences with engaging images and b-roll footage. We have learned that blog videos often achieve better engagement on social media and on websites.
See an example of a blog video we produced here.
The idea of popular bloggers and influencers isn’t new. However, in 2018 we saw a new trend in micro-influencers, people who have semi-popular social media accounts promoting various products or services with a personal message. We have learned that micro-influencers have passionate fans who trust them because they think of them as friends giving advice. In fact, with some of our local clients whose target consumers are Arizonans, we’ve found micro-influencers who promote their product or service achieve positive results.
Here is an example of a micro-influencer who we have used for one of our clients.
Those are just a few of the advertising trends we have been adopting during the past year. If your company is not taking part in modern-day advertising that is aligned with these trends, don’t worry – we are here to help. At ON Advertising, we actively research and engage in the latest and greatest advertising techniques that have been proven to be effective. Don’t wait around: Contact us today if you want your business to thrive in 2019 and beyond.