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Super Bowl Ads Spotlight

Whether you’re an avid football fan or not, you’ve got to admit you’re excited to see the crazy, creative commercials each year at the Super Bowl. We are too. After all, advertising is our gig.

There were plenty to choose from — some great, some not so great. But here are a few of the commercials we want to highlight this Super Bowl season.

Walmart: Famous Cars Pick Up Groceries

“Order groceries online. Pickup for free. No matter what you drive.”

All of your favorite classic movie mobiles including Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, the Jurassic Park jeep and Cars’ Lightning McQueen zooming off to the curbside of their choice of a grocery store and greeted by Walmart staff. The commercial was action-packed, humorous and brought some of us back to an earlier time.   

Burger King: #EatLikeAndy

Andy Warhol? In a Super Bowl ad? In 2019? You saw it. Burger King debuted a commercial of one of the most iconic artists eating a Whopper, almost in complete silence. Talk about a major throwback. Many were saying it was the best commercial of the Super Bowl, and some even said it was better than the game itself. This ad represented Warhol as a normal person doing normal things — such as eating a burger, and it sure portrayed the power of silence.

Michael Bublé vs. Bubly

There’s no better person to start a conundrum with Bubly Sparkling Water than Michael Bublé. The entire commercial features Bublé having an argument with people in the store about how to pronounce the name of the drink. With its snarky humor, celebrity guest and use of bright colors, this commercial definitely stood out during the big game.

Olay Killer Skin

In case you’re unaware, women watch football too. This year’s Super Bowl took a step in the right direction, targeting female fans in some of the commercials. This was Olay’s first Super Bowl ad, and it emphasized the brand’s quality skincare products in a 1-minute thriller that was more likely to have you laughing than on the edge of your seat. Olay’s commercial proved female football fans probably have interests other than laundry detergent.


While we’re on this female empowerment track, let’s not forget to mention the dating app Bumble also debuted its first-ever Super Bowl ad. With campaign partner, influencer and tennis star Serena Williams, Bumble reinforced that with their app, women make the first move. Football definitely stepped it up in 2019, making women feel like part of one of the biggest games of the year.

Bud Light: Special Delivery

Bud Light? More like Bud Knight. These ads took Game of Thrones fans through an epic adventure in one commercial, leaving them thirsty for the next season (and, perhaps, some beer as well). And when you thought Bud Light was done, they once again entered the Super Bowl scene, this time dissing its competitors like Miller Light and Coors Light, and we’re here for it. It was humorous, majestic and sure to leave its competition on their toes.

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How Emojis Help Consumer Engagements

We love using emojis! With more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world, 6 billion emotes are sent in text messages every single day. They have not only redefined how we communicate with each other, but they are also proving to have a tremendous impact on the marketing and advertising industry.

For Social Media

When we use emojis in our social media posts, we notice more engagement. They are powerful tools that help our marketing messages stick with our audience. For example, studies show that they are used in a tweet, engagement increases by 25.4%. If they are used in a Facebook post, the number of likes increase by 57% and the number of comments and shares rise by 33%.

For Email Marketing

For Chompie’s, we noticed that email campaigns that include emojis in the subject line are more successful than those that do not. Studies show that if a business chooses to include emojis in their email subject lines, open rate increases by 56%, unique opens increase by 3.29%, unique clicks increase by 6.28%, and click-through rate increases by 18.93%.

For Brand Voice

When trying to differentiate your brand from the competition, it can be somewhat challenging to find your unique brand voice. Emojis add personality to text and can make a message appear as more friendly and relatable, thus resonating with more consumers. When using them, we can add emotions to a message, ultimately distinguishing our brand voice from others.
No matter what your marketing strategy, emojis can be beneficial for generating excellent results. Here at ON Advertising, we use emojis in our clients’ social media posts as well as email marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement. We also frequently use them in our daily communication among our team members. We all have our favorites (see photo).
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This Is How ON Markets to a Niche Market

As you may know, marketing for a niche product or company can present many challenges. There may not be much advice when searching the internet for marketing your specific product because your audience is very narrow. However, there are certain steps for all niche products that can be taken when looking for marketing advice. Here are a couple things to take into consideration when marketing a niche product:

Research Your Audience in Depth

This may seem obvious but it is sometimes overlooked. Because niche markets have a smaller audience, it’s harder to figure out the ideal consumer and the direction your brand should take. It is crucial that extensive research is done to figure out the exact target market and details pertaining to them.
Extensive research should be done to uncover small details such as geographic location, income, age, etc. It might be helpful to develop a few consumer persona’s so that you can view your product from the perspective of your ideal customer.

Be Specific Within Your NicheMarketing

Base your marketing off of the in-depth research of your consumers. What are your consumers doing everyday? Where do they hang out? Are they surfing the internet in specific places? Look very specifically into where your potential audience will be exposed to your product.

Pick Accurate Advertising Platforms

Different types of consumers respond more to varying types of advertising depending on their lifestyle. For example, when targeting an older demographic, investing a lot of money in an Instagram page and ads may not be the best use of the budget. Instead, you could send e-blasts and stick to more traditional methods. Pick your advertising based on where your consumers are and what they will engage with.
Marketing for a niche product can be difficult. However, with the right amount of time and research, it can bring a high return on investment for your business. Here at ON Advertising, we have successfully helped many companies with their niche products. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of what we done in the past. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about advertising for your niche product.

Nike, Colin and the Power of Advertising

It has just been announced that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It”  advertising campaign. Nike always likes to bring an edgy yet youthful factor to their campaign that draws attention to the brand.
Public companies usually don’t like to take a stance on political issues for fear of alienating customers. However, without a worded message or political images, just a slogan and the face of a man, Nike has taken a political stance on what the company believes in a new and powerful message.

What is the Outcome?

As a result, Nike’s stock took a deep dive on the release date of the campaign, September 4th. Some people did not like the stance Nike took, and as a result, fans have been posting on social media #BoycottNike. There have been reports of people burning their own Nike shoes to show they do not support Kaepernick or Nike.

However, Nike knew exactly what they were doing; they wanted to appeal to the younger millennials and the Gen Z audience. Short term, this might have some ramifications, but long term it could potentially put them in a more favorable stance with their target audience. Nike makes efforts to show they believe in what their athletes believe in; they want to show athletes they are on their side.

Social Issues in Advertising

Right now, social activism is the trendy thing to do in advertising that attracts consumers to brands. Nike is not the only company that has tried to take a political stance to gain attention and wins over consumers. The reason behind making a political stance is that companies have realized that more attention is brought to them in the long run. Consumers feel connected to companies that take a political side aligned with their target market; it’s just good for business.

Whether one’s opinion of Kaepernick is positive or negative, Nike has received a lot of attention and publicity from the media. They have created a buzz around the brand that has caught the eye of many people. Advertisers are using bolder strategies than ever before to stand out amongst the competition. Nike is counting on this edgy campaign to resonate with the younger demographic and pay off in the long run.
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How to Prep Your Firm for AI Marketing

Why You Should Be Looking at AI Marketing:
Faster Decisions- With AI, systems can look and analyze a large pool of data quickly and make snap decisions based on what the data says. It can learn algorithms and identify relationships of consumer preferences with limited human management meaning businesses can make media-buying decisions promptly without having to analyze the data themselves.  
Advanced Personalization- With the plethora of ads out there, consumers are more likely to engage in them when it is personalized to their wants or needs. AI can assist with that with predictive analytics. Tracking buying behaviors and customer searches, data can be used to help produce content that is more tailored to consumer preferences.
Better Customer Service- With effective chatbots, customers can get the help they need faster, and more efficiently. For example, Sephora was one of the first companies to have a chatbox on their website. They have increased customer satisfaction by having the capability to serve more needs with quicker response time.

What Lies Ahead in AI Marketing?

Improved Data Collection- Although AI has advanced data collection capabilities right now, there is always room for improvement. With growing technology, AI will be able to handle more amounts of data to identify specific relationships. Improving everything from consumer targeting, to better content.
More time to be Creative-The one thing AI cannot replace is human creativity. With AI taking care of all the grunt work, it leaves you and your business more time to focus on the fun side of marketing: creativity. Marketers are excited about having AI systems within their work because it is not threatening their jobs, it is enhancing their work. has reported 51% of marketing leaders use AI and in the next two years, 27% more companies will be using it. To learn more about AI marketing or how to get started, click here.

People working at a table on freshening up their website's content

How to Freshen Up Your Brand’s Content

The world is constantly changing when it comes to business trends, new technology, and consumer preferences. Having up to date content on your online platforms to reflect new trends in your industry is a key component of being successful in marketing. Sometimes, you may find yourself running out of material to write or you are losing business to competition, it may be time to freshen up your copy. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks from the experts to help get your content in tip-top shape.

Use Infographics

Using a graphic with information (infographic) makes it easier for your audience to view and understand a concept. Customers nowadays don’t have the patience to read text-heavy paragraphs, they lightly skim the content. An infographic can make a lot of information visually appealing and way easier to read and understand.

Stick to Relevant Content

Making sure copy on your online platforms is relevant to your service or product is very important. Stay up-to-date on current research regarding your industry and remove everything that is not appropriate anymore. Keyword research can give you a good idea if a topic is relevant enough to continuously write about or to shift efforts into a different area.

Pay Attention to SEO

It is essential that you and your company pay attention to SEO. Having good information on your website, as well as having high-level keywords in the content consistently will help your website traffic. Keywords have to naturally flow within the text, meaning it cannot be over-stuffed and used repeatedly. Putting a list of keywords next to you when you write a blog, blurb, or any copy is a good way to make sure you are using all of them efficiently and consistently.
Here at ON Advertising, we help our clients in a variety of industries freshen up their copy. We have seen their business have positive results when giving their content a face-lift. If you have any further questions about how to keep your content up-to-date, feel free to contact us.

Top Social Media Practices for Restaurants

Having a trendy, up to date social media is vital for attracting new and repeat business for your restaurant. There is a significant difference in restaurants that have relevant social media pages as opposed to restaurants that have abandoned or uninteresting pages. Some key content that should be posted on your social media pages include:

Responses to Online Reviews on Social Media

Responding to reviews, good or bad, creates a friendly and transparent image for your restaurant. It can show customers that you will work to improve flaws and appreciate the compliments you receive. When people see how you’ve engaged with individuals and addressed their concerns, it can make them feel special or recognized, especially if a bad review is left for potential new customers can see how you respond. A great resource to learn more about this is Jay Baer’s book Hug Your Haters.

Share Customer-Generated Content

By using specific hashtags to showcase customer photos on your public pages, it creates organic exposure and reaches users that may not normally be reached. You are turning regular people into brand ambassadors to represent the restaurant at almost no cost. People get excited to be featured on a popular page and feel appreciative for being recognized.

Capitalize on Trending Topics

Posting about relevant topics on your pages shows customers you are up to date and it makes your content new and exciting. This will create more exposure as well because users who are following these popular trends, will come across your restaurant unexpectedly.
There are many more techniques you can use to enhance your restaurant’s social media. At ON Advertising, we have significant restaurant experience to improve content on your social media pages. Contact us to see how your restaurant’s social media can be enhanced to reach its full potential. 

Streaming The Olympics- Digital Advertising Takes the Gold

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games began at the beginning of February and will continue to air until the 25th of this month. The Olympic Games are a big deal for media industries, as it allows for global advertising opportunities. Companies who choose to advertise during the Olympics have the chance to expand their brand awareness and promote their products or services internationally. However, the millennial generation is making the change from traditional forms of media consumption like cable packages towards more mobile friendly options like streaming services. This cable cord-cutting effect not only has an impact on how people view The Olympics Games, but on how companies should strategize their advertising efforts during the broadcasts. In fact, major companies like Procter & Gamble, General Motors, and AT&T have all reorganized their advertising efforts to cut spending on traditional advertising and to increase spending on digital platforms. Here at ON Advertising, we recognize this shift in consumer habits and are prepared to make our client’s content stream-ready for maximum target market exposure. Our team knows how to make your video and digital marketing campaigns reach more consumers than your competitors.
Stream Feed First: Most people assume that when they are using digital marketing strategies, it is somehow to incorporate their content into the streaming video itself. However it is proven to be more effective if content is integrated into the physical stream. Social media platforms have been updating their news feed algorithms to stream more interactive branded posts to provide consumers with content that they are more likely to engage with.
Platform Friendly Video: The nitty gritty details matter, especially with how competitive the digital landscape is becoming. When it comes to using video in marketing strategies, be sure to have the video align with the digital media platform you are posting on. Facebook actually prioritizes video that was posted using Facebook instead of video that may have been cross-uploaded from Instagram or YouTube.
Vertical Videos: Another detail that should be considered when using video is having your video be compatible in both horizontal and vertical viewing formats. Snapchat is one of the reasons for the rise in vertical video. This trend has taken off with consumers and it may be because that some feel turning their phone to view the video as an inconvenience. Although this trend is relatively new, it will continue to be more critical.
Autoplay Over Click to Start: The studies are in, and it is proven that videos that utilize autoplay have an higher viewing rating than videos that consumers have to press play to start. The reason for this is because even though it may seem insignificant, the start button is a barrier between your video’s content and consumers. Autoplay videos have a higher percentage of engaging with consumers since attention and engagement is immediately captured once the consumer scrolls onto the video.
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