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Client Spotlight: Chompie’s Restaurants

In 1979, the Borenstein family brought their timeless family recipes from Queens, New York all the way to Phoenix, Arizona, and Chompie’s Restaurants were born. While we’re grateful for the opportunity to enjoy classic, authentic New York deli foods right here at home, we’re also grateful for the partnership we’ve created with the Chompie’s family! ON Advertising has been working with Chompie’s for over 2 years and we can’t wait to see what comes next. But before we begin the next chapter, take a look at what we’ve worked on so far!

What We’ve Been Up To

Although our union with Chompie’s Restaurants is relatively new, we’ve gotten to work on some pretty amazing things with their team thus far. And our custom, thorough strategy for Chompie’s may have something to do with it!

Our extensive scope of services for their team includes: 

  • Social Media Content & Management
  • Menus, Promotional & Packaging Designs
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Media Relations
  • Paid Media Management
  • Google My Business Management
  • Still Photography
  • Video Production
  • Service Evaluation Reports

But, how exactly did our partnership begin? Chompie’s reached out to ON Advertising to help with increasing their brand awareness. And in a state with ever-changing demographics, an increasingly competitive restaurant community, and five locations across the Valley, the task at hand seemed big, but we were confident our team was up to the challenge!

From the beginning, we were tasked with revamping the restaurant’s menu, driving sales through paid advertising and media relations, and enhancing customer retention through strategic email communication. In addition, we did marketing for the restaurant’s 40th anniversary in 2019 and continually handle their social media. Before we began, we first needed to interview patrons of each of the various locations. This was to find out exactly what it was about Chompie’s that resonated with them so much. 

Oftentimes our own assumptions, and the assumptions of our clients, were right. Other times what we uncovered was a surprise! The reality is that people in different places, even within a span of a few miles, have different motivators for behaviors. Our data ultimately pointed to a broad consensus point transcending generations of Chompie’s fans: nostalgia!

Memories of coming to Chompie’s Restaurants for years shined through. Stories of East Coast natives who moved to Arizona and miss New York deli’s, to parents of younger individuals taking them to Chompie’s were just some of the memories we were honored to hear. And once we understood the audience at hand, our team of diverse, skilled experts got straight to work. 

What Happened

As a result of our efforts, sales increased substantially at three of the five Chompie’s Restaurant locations all within just six months. The two other locations had sales equal to the previous year and remained steady. We even helped Chompie’s eliminate items from the menu that were not selling in high volumes. Meaning we helped them cut internal costs by curating a menu that customers truly enjoy. 

Another vital aspect of Chompie’s success is its cohesive social media strategy! And during our time with Chompie’s Restaurants, we’ve implemented some stellar tactics within our partnership. We can attribute much of our Instagram success to a rapidly growing industry: keto influencers. Because Chompie’s offers unique, low-carb products, working with influencers can reach a farther, larger niche audience. Coupled with giveaways, the keto community is proving to be a powerful, driving force for Chompie’s Restaurants.

But beyond social media partnerships, an internal shift of Chompie’s messaging has gone a long way. By using a cohesive photoshoot style and photo editing style, their platforms have a consistent look across the board. Pair this with short, witty, straight to the point captions and Chompie’s has a strategy that’s working.

In our industry, it all comes back to ROI for the client. And in June of 2019, we launched a new online shopping experience! We continue to maintain and update the shopping page for performance and functionality. The results of this update were further ease in ordering products and reduced shipping costs! Plus, a dramatic increase in website orders has shown ever since we launched the new online shopping cart – and sales are only increasing.

We are proud to say we gave this 40-year-old brand a positive return on their investment in us – what we strive for in every one of our partnerships.

In fact, here’s what Chompie’s VP of Operations, Frank Lara, had to say about working with us: “We couldn’t be more pleased about our partnership with ON Advertising! They’ve delivered measurable ROI, helping us to increase sales at our restaurant locations. They’ve streamlined our menu, and their creative team redesigned our bagel boxes. They are creative, responsive and thoughtful…ON Advertising is the best!”

What We’re Planning for Chompie’s Restaurants

A new year means a whole new set of goals! In 2020, we are aiming to greatly enhance the overall awareness of Chompie’s brand and further expand its customer base. This means aiding them in sharing their Jewish culture and DELIcious food with the melting pot that is Phoenix! And because Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the United States, the future’s looking bright. 

Ultimately, we hope to continue helping to share authentic New York deli recipes with new customers that share a love for comfort food. Additionally, we will work to strengthen and expand their current digital advertising impact, both locally and nationally!

ON Advertising

At ON Advertising, our goal is to unlock the potential of your brand. And by partnering with our team of experts, in various fields, we can help you enhance your brand – just like Chompie’s! Contact us to get started on your project. 

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