Client Spotlight: Salina Country Club

We are proud to showcase our latest client, Salina Country Club – one of the many successful companies owned by JRI Hospitality, a long-standing client of ours. We’ve had the great pleasure of building and promoting their brand for a polished and presentable market presence that accurately reflects their mission and vision. 

Our marketing and advertising efforts have continued to reach the span of the local market for Salina Country Club. We showcase their many exceptional benefits available, quality service, and overall enjoyment that awaits through fine-tuned marketing strategies.

About Salina Country Club

For more than a century, Salina Country Club has been a gathering place for making unforgettable memories. A true social organization and a staple to the Salina community. In 1911, the country club was initially established and final construction was completed a year later. The country club constructed its clubhouses and golf courses upon an impressive 163 acres of rolling hills.

Since 1913, the Salina Country Club has encouraged female participation in golf and other activities they regularly host. An organization was formed, called “Country Club Ladies” in 1923 and in 1928, the first Ladies’ Golf Championship was established to honor women who love the sport. 

Recently, the expansive property has undergone several million dollars in renovations to increase its modernization and offer more amenities with pools, tennis courts, fine dining, party areas, fitness centers, and much more.

Centered Around the Local Community

Located in Salina, Kansas, this prestigious country club is home to many exquisite amenities and annual events including this year’s 2022 Senior LPGA Championship tournament. They provide countless opportunities for rewarding experiences for both members and guests alike. The local community is truly the heart of what Salina Country Club is all about. 

With its century-long history, the community has relied on the country club for all types of social gatherings and recreational activities. Countless friendships and lasting memories have formed as a result of its community legacy of bringing everyone together. Salina Country Club is an extension of the families that make it a part of their lives generation after generation.

We Build Brands that Entice and Excite

Behind every business endeavor is the opportunity to entice interest and generate excitement around what your business has to offer in goods and services. Salina Country Club is no different and it is a true pleasure tailoring our keen marketing skills towards increased memberships and so much more. Our efforts have also seen a significant increase in raising awareness and engagement towards events and activities that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

For nearly 30 years, ON Advertising has been one of Arizona’s top marketing agencies as we continually deliver favorable results for our clients. We take a strategic-creative approach to increasing our client’s annual revenue. Our business partnerships are centered around tracking and improving their bottom-line growth and expansion.

Marketing and Advertising Trends that Work

At ON Advertising, we focus our efforts on what’s working without wasting time with out-of-date or out-of-touch tactics. We are keen observers of changing trends while balancing tried and true methodology to reach new customers and encourage long-lasting brand loyalty. 

Our eye-catching websites offer a rich experience for users who are curious about your business and need to know about all the wonderful things you offer. Our toolset includes email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, engaging content, and so much more all aimed at your success.

Marketing and Advertising Trends that Work

ON Advertising consists of brand strategists working synergistically to develop and support successful market influence. Our full-scale consideration of each facet of marketing and advertising operates with clear goals and objectives laid out for each client and their unique needs. 

Our team of thinkers, creatives, and trend observers blend their talents to develop a brand that works for you. Whether you are seeking additional advertising advice or any other marketing project, we can make it happen!
Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business shine.

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