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Olympic Success: A Marketing Team’s Version of Reaching the Podium

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, watching athletes from around the globe compete at the Olympic Games in Rio. One day, we’ll be able to tell our grandkids we were there to watch (on a tape-delayed basis, of course) such record-breaking feats of athleticism as a kayak capsizing after hitting a sofa in the water, and Ryan Lochte and three other athletes dodging the Zika virus but not being able to avoid being robbed at gunpoint. Oh, and we heard that Michael Phelps won a few more gold medals for swimming.
The team of world-class digital marketing professionals here at On Advertising have a few thoughts about the Games, and how they relate to the services we deliver to our clients.
Irasema Jeffers | Chief Digital Officer
Managing digital campaigns, emails and social strategy can be a lot like various sporting events in the Olympics. What ties them all together is coaching and training.  Whether it’s Simone Biles or Michael Phelps, every athlete has challenges on the path to greatness and quite often it’s a coach who is there to help focus them on achieving their end goals. Coaches assess technique, determine how much to push and when to back off and what events to enter – all considerations for an athlete. Digital marketing is much the same: looking at data to determine what’s working or not, deciding where to push content, who to target and what channel to use. All these are considerations for a well-rounded marketing plan to reach your company goals. Having that coach to work with you could be finding the right Marketing Manager who can bring it all together, or finding the right digital agency to help you on your path to success.”
Kylie Caflisch | Social Media Manager
“It’s really hard to imagine a time before the Olympics were all over the Internet, more specifically social media. With each Olympics, a new social media platform is developed, and in 2016, it’s Snapchat. Not only are new social media platforms developed, but new features created, like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. Fans are now able to feel like they are at the Summer Games, despite being a world away. They are now able to use Facebook Live to ask the athletes questions in real time. Social media is now seen as a powerful tool that can greatly help the current crop of talented athletes succeed inside, as well as, out of the stadium. Brands, like athletes, can also easily tell their own stories through photos, tweets, and Snapchat. In four more years, who knows what new platform will be here, making social an ever evolving technology to stay on top of. ”
Kelli Laffoon | Marketing Executive Assistant
Olympic athletes aren’t born overnight, and neither is email marketing. It’s all about practice and preparation. In email marketing, we work to gain valuable insight from the audience to build a better email campaign that’s relevant to your customer’s needs and situation. We often conduct A/B testing and take our findings to see what is working and what is not and then apply it to the design or content. Just like Olympic athletics, coaches work with their teams to come up with a good game plan. In email marketing our team puts a solid strategy in place so that everyone is working toward the same goal. There’s no ‘I’ in teamwork! Everyone must contribute to make a successful win. In email marketing, every tactic and message must be unified and work together to stand out in crowded space.
The Olympics would not survive without its patriotic fans and email marketing would be a waste of time without a quality list of leads. We work to establish a clean list of leads and continually manage and update lists so we build the strongest, most targeted fan base in your industry. The Olympics utilize statistics, measuring each athlete in performance or the overall score. In email marketing, measurement is more important than ever. We measure email marketing efforts, so its contribution to the overall goal is understood.”
Cole Christensen | Web Developer
“Web Development is similar to the modern pentathlon, in which multiple areas of expertise are required if you want to succeed. Having only one dedicated skill-set will ensure that you end up nowhere near the podium at medal time.  A developer needs to have many areas of expertise, be it using multiple programming languages, mocking up designs in Photoshop or Illustrator, website security issues, or troubleshooting and bug-hunting.”
Patrick Rhody | Copywriter
“While writing is about the least athletic endeavor you could think of, if I were to relate it to the Olympics I would say what I do is a team sport. While it may look like a solitary pursuit, writing for On Advertising’s digital marketing clients is truly a collaborative effort. I consult with them to determine their story, whether it’s for a blog, a White Paper website copy or a tweet. I always write in their brand’s ‘voice’ and ask for feedback, to make sure I remain on-point with their message. While what I do doesn’t earn me a slew of medals, it does satisfy my competitive urge to win in the arena of ideas, where I am not judged on my ability to balance on a beam, or run 100 meters, but on my skills to craft thoughts and ideas into compelling words.”
Are you looking to gain the competitive edge in digital marketing? We hope you’ll consider the team of professionals at On Advertising to help lead the digital strategy for your business. Smile and grandstand winners’ wave optional.

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