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Productivity Management Tips for Ad Agencies

Improving productivity is always a topic of interest among businesses of any size. Profit potential is directly linked to the productivity of the team. Productivity management is the oil that keeps the machine of output running smoothly, as well as the stream of income. 

It serves the best interest of ad agencies to invest time in auditing current productivity systems and identifying areas of improvement. However, when working with a variety of clients and serving in various industries, there are likely to be some snags in the chain of progress. 

Take a look at the tips below to see how your ad agency might best improve productivity management. 

Boosting Productivity as an Ad Agency

The world of creative agency is filled with more than just ticking off tasks. You have to consider the best way to utilize ad spend, plan marketing budgets, define and set the appropriate standards for quality work, and so much more. 

Begin implementing the following strategies to see significant progress in your ability to manage all of the above and keep the workflow moving! 

Invest in the Right Tools 

Having the right tools in place makes all the difference. Organizing and streamlining task flow, as well as automating and consolidating in certain areas play a big role in improving productivity.

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to project management software systems. However, you need to find one that suits your agency best. Perhaps you need the most help tracking the progress of your list of deliverables or managing workloads. Identify the pain points specific to your agency and find the best tools to address those issues. 

This one change alone can be enough to noticeably improve production and profits. 

Establish Clear and Effective Communication

Misunderstandings cause unnecessary delays on project timelines and are the most avoidable aspect of the project. Don’t be afraid to overcommunicate and invite team members to freely ask questions, seek clarification and receive feedback to improve the two-way communication style of your company’s culture. Straightforward and clear instructions are best for everyone. Make sure your team understands the various methods in place for communicating with others and uses these with the mindset of productivity. 

For example, if a video chat or email solves 10 questions, then it’s better than instant messaging those questions one at a time. While you may think it’s easier to send a chat message, in reality, gathering up all your questions at once may prove most productive for everyone. Regular check-ins with employees and team member huddles are good ways to address smaller issues before they become larger ones to deal with. 

Offer Flexible Work Options

Productivity may be higher for some employees working from home and others working in-office. Some team members may feel drained and unable to focus in a chatty and open-space office environment. Whatever the case may be, remain open to the versatility of work options available, especially considering the technology that makes it easier to get things done as a team. Consider testing out a hybrid option while measuring productivity to get an idea of how best to structure your agency’s protocol in this area. 

These are just some of the many techniques when it comes to raising the level of productivity. But as we are still at the beginning of the year, it’s a great time to make some changes and reap the benefits of a more organized and systematic approach to your workplace.

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