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Update Your Logo

Whether its fashion, technology, or graphic design, styles are constantly changing. Logos for a company or brand are no different, it needs to stay current with the latest trends in the industry. Has your brand ever updated their logo? If not, we suggest looking into a logo refresh to stay up-to-date with competitors.

Logos are considered one of the signatures of a brand because they give a visual representation of who the brand is and what they encompass. Unfortunately, the lifespan of logos are getting smaller and smaller; styles are changing at a faster speed than ever before, forcing businesses to update their brand more often than not.  

Why make a change?

There are many reasons brands change their logos. Sometimes it’s internal factors causing a need for change including a shift in strategy, a merger, or an acquisition. However, external factors also have a big influence on altering a logo. Examples of this usually include style trends and graphic design progression.

When to make the change?

Having a marketing team to evaluate when it’s time to modify a logo and look at all variables is the best practice. When we work with clients to asses a need for a new logo, some of the questions we ask are:

  • Is the logo too old and outdated?
  • Is it too complex?
  • Is it identifiable or not?
  • Is the business changing as a whole?

Taking a closer look and thoughtfully evaluating the brand is the best method to determine the need for a new logo.

How can ON Advertising help?

As you may have seen in a recent blog, in 2018 we changed our logo to rejuvenate our brand, giving ourselves a fresh and modernized look. As an agency, we have grown so much since we have updated our logo, giving us a competitive edge. Our highly-skilled creative team has designed many logos for our clients, check out some of our original logos here. Whether you are starting a new brand, want to give a brand a fresh updated look, or are changing a brand’s strategic direction, we can design and create a state-of-the-art logo for you. Contact us to explore how a new logo can help your business grow.

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

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Looking ahead to the 2019 year, new trends will be in place and companies need to stay up-to-date on the latest direction of the marketing industry to be competitive in their respective fields. In our agency, we are always on the watch for future trends and how we can incorporate them with our clients to give them the best results. Right now, some of the most important marketing trends for the future include:

Artificial Intelligence

We have talked about preparing your firm for AI marketing in a previous blog, and in 2019, this trend is only going to grow. AI will help companies do more in less time when it comes to learning the behaviors of consumers and giving a more personable experience for customers.


There are many generic ads out there, consumers are becoming better at tuning them out. We are using more and more personalization in our agency to reach a specific audience and to have a better chance of capturing their attention. With the ability to track consumers’ behavior through heat maps, analytics, and tracking, we are able to determine what a specific consumer prefers and responds to the most. Companies are using AI to help with the personalization of ads.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

Soon smart speakers like Alexa, Google Home, Siri and more will be producing advertisements. Companies will be under pressure to purchase ad space and produce audio ads to reach even more consumers through this channel.

These are only just a few trends we predict will be prominent in the 2019 year, we won’t fully know what will be favorable until further along. Contact us to find our what your business can be doing in the 2019 year.

We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush.


Thank You for a Great Year

As the 2018 year is coming to an end, we are reflecting on the growth we’ve had throughout the past 12 months. At ON Advertising, we are so proud all of our achievements and success during the year and we want to share with you a little bit of what we’ve done. We would like to thank all of our clients for making 2018 such a great year.


Back in the early months of 2018, we had a complete rebrand of the agency. We changed our logo and our website, giving ourselves an updated look. The marketing industry is constantly changing, as an agency, we have to keep up with the latest trends in graphic design and website features and give ourselves a fresh look.

STD/HIV Awareness Ad

As STD’s become an epidemic here in Arizona, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health wanted to educate people on getting tested. We created video ads for them to promote awareness to the public about Syphilis and STD’s.
Click to see our previous blog to learn more about the entire campaign. 
We are glad to play a role in educating the public on the need to get tested for STDs because the risk is not knowing.

New Clients

We have had a tremendous year in servicing new clients. If you have been following us on social media, you may have seen just how many. To mention a few, we have added Chompies, Cavanagh Law Firm, Vintage Industrial, Kobargo Technology Partners, Timeless Wood Furniture,, and more.
Click here to see a full list of our clients.
We would like to thank all of the clients that have worked with us and we are excited to see your businesses grow.
Don’t forget about our Halloween video ads we talked about in our previous blog.

New Hires

In the new year, we have added 4 new people to our dynamic team. Our Account Coordinator Mikaela Copley came to the agency as an intern in January 2018, then became a full-time member after graduating in May. Recently, Brent Barcena and Chris Jones joined the team our Graphic Designer and our Video Producer. Lastly, Courtney Blackman was hired in the fall as our new Traffic Manager.
Here at ON Advertising, we would like to thank all of our clients and employees for making it a tremendous year for the agency. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for us! Contact us if you want your business to grow and start thriving for 2019.

2018’s Hottest Advertising Trends

Can you believe 2018 is almost history? On the cusp of a new year, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on a few of the trends that shaped the advertising business these past twelve months.
The growth and influence of ephemeral content was the advertising story of the year. Ephemeral content is photos and videos that aren’t permanent; it disappears in a certain length of time, usually 24 hours. With Instagram creating a Story’s feature on their platform, users are now exposed to more relevant content. In 2018, consumers were looking to connect with brands that stood out from competitors. It’s easy to show off the personality of a brand using quick and playful content. Stories allow us to post time-sensitive content without over-saturating our audience. Check out a good example of ephemeral content by viewing the Stories on our Instagram page.
It seems that every year we talk about the growth of video content getting more attention than the written word. The majority of videos we shoot and produce are overview videos that help our clients provide consumers with a visual idea of who they are and what they do in about 60 seconds. Although we still produce many overview videos, in 2018 we began incorporating a new trend: blog videos. Ranging from about 30 seconds to two minutes, these videos adroitly combine blog sentences with engaging images and b-roll footage. We have learned that blog videos often achieve better engagement on social media and on websites.
See an example of a blog video we produced here.
The idea of popular bloggers and influencers isn’t new. However, in 2018 we saw a rise in micro-influencers, people who have semi-popular social media accounts promoting various products or services with a personal message. We have learned that micro-influencers have passionate fans who trust them because they think of them as friends giving advice. In fact, with some of our local clients whose target consumers are Arizonans, we’ve found micro-influencers who promote their product or service achieve positive results.
Here is an example of a micro-influencer who we have used for one of our clients.
Those are just a few of the advertising trends we have been adopting during the past year. If your company is not taking part in modern-day advertising that is aligned with these trends, don’t worry – we are here to help. At ON Advertising, we actively research and engage in the latest and greatest advertising techniques that have been proven to be effective. Don’t wait around: Contact us today if you want your business to thrive in 2019 and beyond.

How Emojis Help Consumer Engagements

We love using emojis! With more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world, 6 billion emojis are sent in text messages every single day. Emojis have not only redefined how we communicate with each other, but they are also proving to have a tremendous impact on the marketing and advertising industry.

For Social Media

When we use emojis in our social media posts, we notice more engagement. They are powerful tools that help our marketing messages stick with our audience. For example, studies show that if emojis are used in a tweet, engagement increases by 25.4%. If they are used in a Facebook post, the number of likes increase by 57% and the number of comments and shares rise by 33%.

For Email Marketing

For Chompie’s, we noticed that email campaigns that include emojis in the subject line are more successful than those that do not. Studies show that if a business chooses to include emojis in their email subject lines, open rate increases by 56%, unique opens increase by 3.29%, unique clicks increase by 6.28%, and click-through rate increases by 18.93%.

For Brand Voice

When trying to differentiate your brand from the competition, it can be somewhat challenging to find your unique brand voice. Emojis add personality to text and can make a message appear as more friendly and relatable, thus resonating with more consumers. When using them, we can add emotions to a message, ultimately distinguishing our brand voice from others.
No matter what your marketing strategy, emojis can be beneficial for generating excellent results. Here at ON Advertising, we use emojis in our clients’ social media posts as well as email marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement. We also frequently use them in our daily communication among our team members. We all have our favorites (see photo).
For more information on how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please contact us here.

Looking Back ON Our Growth as an Agency

Founded in 1993, ON Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency with innovation and big creative ideas at its core. With years of history behind us, it’s important to reflect on the growth and achievements we have gone through as an agency.
Our founders, Ron Meritt, and John Hernandez, have years of experience in the media industry, so most of the services we originally offered revolved around media and public relations. We have managed to expand our services to become a full-service advertising and marketing agency.
This past year, we merged with EFG Creative, a creative agency based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This merger gave us our Chief Creative Officer and agency co-owner, Eric Garcia, as well as a creative team that enhances our digital marketing, advertising, video production, and web design services.
Our agency has grown over 45% the last year, and our work speaks for itself. We have received multiple accolades, including Addy Awards, Telly Awards, Macrom Awards, and Hermes Creative Awards. Not only do we have award-winning work, but we understand how certain strategies can be applied here in the Valley.
Here at ON Advertising, we understand that our history plays a big part in who we are. Growing at such a rate is both exciting and humbling. We are eager to accomplish even more in the next few years.
If you are interested in learning more about how our agency can support your marketing and advertising goals, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re Bringing Sexy Back to Advertising

It’s not every day that you get to work on a spooky lingerie campaign, but last month that is exactly what our team at ON Advertising had the privilege of doing. When, an Arizona based online retailer of lingerie, Halloween costumes, and women’s apparel, contacted us for creative execution of 3 videos that were 15 seconds each, we could not resist the opportunity to be a part of something unique and challenging. With the month of October being Yandy’s busiest time of year, we only had 3 weeks to turn the project around in time for an October 1st launch date, so our team banded together to bring this project to fruition for our client. How did we get it done? Keep reading to find out!
On your mark, get set…
When advertising for a brand like Yandy, it isn’t enough to simply create something visually stunning, it has to resonate with the right buyer persona. In careful collaboration with our client, we identified what messaging, tone, and look would attract Yandy’s audience. Once the concepts were selected based on strategy, ON Ad’s Chief Creative Officer meticulously sketched out each frame for the 3 concepts in order to visually articulate how the final product should look on screen. Check out the storyboards here.
Meanwhile, the client services department worked with local talent agencies to secure models and actors for the spot. In partnership with Sneaky Big, we were able to lock down a highly sophisticated production studio to execute the videos.
While Sneaky Big and the creative team at ON purchased and built the props for the shoot, hair and makeup teams were assembled and briefed with specific production books so they could understand the exact “hauntingly sexy” appearance that each of the models needed to portray on camera.
15 seconds per video might seem like no time at all, but that actually translates to 10 hours of shooting. Starting in the wee hours of the morning and finishing at night, our team worked in coordination with Yandy and Sneaky Big to film the three videos in a single day. There are obviously countless horror stories of shoot days gone wrong for other companies, but not with ON Advertising. Our Chief Creative Officer and the Director of Brand Marketing at Yandy were in lockstep on each aspect of the shoot. They never missed a beat and strengthened the production with each scene that was shot. This is the nature of a creative relationship based on trust and is something that we strive for with each client, no matter their industry. Check out some photos from the set.
Finishing Touches
Productions live or die on the editing room floor, which is why we were thrilled to work in close coordination with the Sneaky Big team as they methodically and quickly edited each of these concepts in the span of just 5 days. The ON creative team worked tirelessly on superimposed graphics that would add additional thematic elements to each of the 3 concepts and enhance the spine-chilling yet sensual tone of the videos.
After hours of hard work, the three videos were finalized and showcased at a Yandy flashmob event in New York City. Check out photos here. The videos are currently circulating across Yandy’s digital platform and have already garnered 74,049 views online.
The Recipe for Success
When agencies are enticed by a new project, it can be a trick or treat situation. Without the right relationship, planning, and execution – everything can go bust in a hurry. But when an agency and its client collaborate, trust, and have a shared vision for success then anything is possible. We are proud of the work we did for our client and hope you enjoy it as well. Watch the final videos here: Dark Angel, Carve My Heart, Pharaoh Unwrapped.
For more information on how we can help you with your next video production, contact us here. And for examples of other work we have done, give our portfolio a look.

Why Should You Engage in Facebook Live

Have you ever wondered if there is more you could be doing for your brand on Facebook? Are the photos and graphics you’re posting not getting the engagement you had hoped they would get? Have you ever thought about using Facebook Live? It’s an excellent tool for your company to help grab an audience’s attention and engage them in your brand on Facebook.
In fact, Facebook Live can provide viewers with unique content that cannot be easily shown in a photo or graphic. Much like your planned social media strategy, it is important you plan out exactly what you are wanting to feature and the dialogue, so you are always providing quality content. Not sure where to start? Read more below to get started!

Address Questions

There may be a blog out there that has your audience wanting to know more, or maybe you have been getting repeated questions from customers. Facebook Live is a great place to answer these questions because nowadays, consumers rarely read a long paragraph of text. Answering questions in a live event can be more intriguing for your audience and an easier way to address questions in depth.

Show an Inside Look

Many consumers only see what is on the outside of your business; they see what is publicly available but not inside the operations. Give them a behind the scenes look on some of the more exciting activities you have going on. Whether it’s the back kitchen, behind the scenes of a photo shoot, or a work outing, consumers will see a different side to your company. This can make them feel more connected to your business, giving them even more reason to stay engaged in you and what you are selling.


Using Facebook Live is a great way to make viewers think they are getting an “exclusive” look into a new product or event. When companies showcase new products on Facebook Live, their audience may feel as though they are getting a unique advantage to the brand. It’s a cost-effective way to show a revealing of a product to more viewers.
Facebook Live can make people feel connected to your brand and can give your audience a different viewpoint on your company as a whole. Here at ON Advertising, we utilize Facebook Live for many of our clients, and we have seen positive results and received positive feedback. If you would like to learn more about how your business could be using Facebook Live to improve your brand and improve your social media strategy, give us a call!

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