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How AI Marketing Tools Can Work For You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum in the world of marketing as its benefits outweigh any initial concerns. Are robots taking over the world? We don’t know, but what we do know is that AI is offering an incredible advantage that’s worth taking. 

Honestly, who would oppose anything that improves time efficiency by quickly gathering, analyzing data, and simplifying tasks? It’s a no-brainer!

Here’s how marketing tools using AI can really benefit your business in the months and years ahead. Let’s take a look at how AI can become your newest employee of the month!

AI Marketing Tools Expected to Increase in the Future

AI is here to stay and those that incorporate it early won’t have as much of an adaptation curve as the rest. Now that we know what’s on the scene, let’s find out how it’s best utilized in the marketing space. 

Automated Customer Segmentation

Digital marketing is seeing an increased reliance on AI systems intended to automatically segment customers, which is vital for targeted marketing. 

AI can quickly identify and categorize your customers according to their:

  • Behavior
  • Search intent
  • Interests
  • Demographics

This AI automation frees up a lot of time while ensuring better accuracy in the data collected and analyzed. As a result, it allows more personalized and targeted messaging in the content you provide across all platforms.

Algorithms for Predictive Data Sets

Analyzing the behavioral trends of your customers is key to running a successful marketing campaign. AI makes this possible by effectively collecting and establishing a predictive layout for what to expect from customers and how to take action accordingly. By using internal and external algorithms, AI technology is able to offer actionable insights into the preferences and needs of your target audience. 

Simplified Monthly and Annual Reporting

Collecting data is one thing, but having all that information organized and reported in an easy to understand way is entirely different. AI simplifies the reporting process, offering clear and easy to understand  information available on a consistent basis. 

These detailed insights offer you the advantage of knowing where you need to pivot and make improvements in future marketing endeavors. 

 Other advantages that marketing and advertising agencies may benefit from include:

  • Assists with faster, more efficient workflows
  • Saves money using AI software vs. manual work
  • Increases visibility within search engines
  • Improves customer experience and engagement
  • Boosts the quality of content for customers

Stay Balanced

With all the amazing benefits that AI has to offer, don’t forget to ensure your customers continue to feel engaged with relatable content and marketing that incorporates emotion and humanity in your client-facing communication. AI can only go so far, but maintaining a  person-to-person or brand-customer relationship is important. 

Customers often feel detached from a brand when it’s too reliant on AI and there’s little visibility of the people working behind the scenes of their favorite services and products. In other words, balance is always best!

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