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High Rising Schools of Phoenix Logo with colored pencils on the far left

High Rising Schools Phoenix

This week, we are introducing our client, Phoenix Community Alliance. We have been working with the PCA Education Committee on a fun project designed to promote the fantastic schools that are located in Downtown Phoenix. The campaign is called High Rising Schools of Phoenix. We created a pretty nifty brochure, original brand materials, and a whole website devoted to this campaign:

So what is High Rising Schools of Phoenix?

The vision behind this dynamic website is to enlighten the business community to the quality schools available in Downtown Phoenix. This campaign will serve as a very useful tool for community and economic development organizations that work to attract, retain and grow companies in Downtown Phoenix. The website is a resource for the families in those businesses who want to learn more about Downtown Phoenix schools.  As more employees want to live where they work, this campaign speaks to the quality education choices that exist in Downtown Phoenix.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2030 the population of Phoenix will grow to 2.2 million, and the population of the metro area will reach 6.3 million. 11,000 additional residents are expected to move to Downtown Phoenix in the next 5 years alone. In fact, Maricopa County was ranked #1 for population growth last year. With growth on this scale and more families moving to Downtown Phoenix, having an educational resource like High Rising Schools of Phoenix is important for families moving to the core of the Valley.

How Does ON Help?

Our overarching goal is to help bring awareness to families and business leaders that Downtown Phoenix offers preschool through doctoral programs within walking distance of any type of home or business in Downtown Phoenix.

In addition to our branding work and website management, we also handle the social media campaign for High Rising. By utilizing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we can attract a wider audience by showing them the quality of schools in Downtown Phoenix while driving traffic back to the website we created for the audience to explore the High Rising campaign even further. We are also encouraging the schools of Downtown Phoenix to interact and engage with the High Rising social media feed as well as encouraging students, parents, teachers and administrators to share what their favorite part is of being a part of the Downtown Phoenix school system with a social campaign of “What Makes Your School Special”. Our ultimate goal of using social media for this client and brand campaign is to show that Downtown Phoenix is more than just a bustling cityscape; there are excellent quality schools right in the city. We want to show everyone that you can work, eat, play and send your children to an outstanding school all in a 5-mile radius. “It’s an exciting project to be working on especially being located in Downtown Phoenix ourselves. We can speak to the amazing environment the downtown area can offer” says Senior Account Manager, Matt Grodsky who is spearheading the High Rising campaign. We are thrilled to continue this helping the Phoenix Community Alliance spread the word about the excellent schools located right in Downtown Phoenix.

ON Advertising’s mission is to bring ROI for our clients to improve their business. Whether you’re in need of a new website, updated social media, or an advertising campaign, contact us. We can assist you in creating a strategy to help marketing efforts resulting in more business. Learn more about us and the services we provide.

Thank You for a Great Year

As the 2018 year is coming to an end, we are reflecting on the growth we’ve had throughout the past 12 months. At ON Advertising, we are so proud all of our achievements and success during the year and we want to share with you a little bit of what we’ve done. We would like to thank all of our clients for making 2018 such a great year.


Back in the early months of 2018, we had a complete rebrand of the agency. We changed our logo and our website, giving ourselves an updated look. The marketing industry is constantly changing, as an agency, we have to keep up with the latest trends in graphic design and website features and give ourselves a fresh look.

STD/HIV Awareness Ad

As STD’s become an epidemic here in Arizona, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health wanted to educate people on getting tested. We created video ads for them to promote awareness to the public about Syphilis and STD’s.
Click to see our previous blog to learn more about the entire campaign. 
We are glad to play a role in educating the public on the need to get tested for STDs because the risk is not knowing.

New Clients

We have had a tremendous year in servicing new clients. If you have been following us on social media, you may have seen just how many. To mention a few, we have added Chompies, Cavanagh Law Firm, Vintage Industrial, Kobargo Technology Partners, Timeless Wood Furniture,, and more.
Click here to see a full list of our clients.
We would like to thank all of the clients that have worked with us and we are excited to see your businesses grow.
Don’t forget about our Halloween video ads we talked about in our previous blog.

New Hires

In the new year, we have added 4 new people to our dynamic team. Our Account Coordinator Mikaela Copley came to the agency as an intern in January 2018, then became a full-time member after graduating in May. Recently, Brent Barcena and Chris Jones joined the team our Graphic Designer and our Video Producer. Lastly, Courtney Blackman was hired in the fall as our new Traffic Manager.
Here at ON Advertising, we would like to thank all of our clients and employees for making it a tremendous year for the agency. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for us! Contact us if you want your business to grow and start thriving for 2019.

A bar graph showing a rise in trends

2018’s Hottest Advertising Trends

Can you believe 2018 is almost history? On the cusp of a new year, it’s an appropriate time to reflect on a few of the trends that shaped the advertising business these past twelve months.
The growth and influence of ephemeral content was the advertising story of the year. Ephemeral content is photos and videos that aren’t permanent; it disappears in a certain length of time, usually 24 hours. With Instagram creating a Story’s feature on their platform, users are now exposed to more relevant content. In 2018, consumers were looking to connect with brands that stood out from competitors. It’s easy to show off the personality of a brand using quick and playful content. Stories allow us to post time-sensitive content without over-saturating our audience. Check out a good example of ephemeral content by viewing the Stories on our Instagram page.
It seems that every year we talk about the growth of video content getting more attention than the written word. The majority of videos we shoot and produce are overview videos that help our clients provide consumers with a visual idea of who they are and what they do in about 60 seconds. Although we still produce many overview videos, in 2018 we began incorporating a new trend: blog videos. Ranging from about 30 seconds to two minutes, these videos adroitly combine blog sentences with engaging images and b-roll footage. We have learned that blog videos often achieve better engagement on social media and on websites.
See an example of a blog video we produced here.
The idea of popular bloggers and influencers isn’t new. However, in 2018 we saw a new trend in micro-influencers, people who have semi-popular social media accounts promoting various products or services with a personal message. We have learned that micro-influencers have passionate fans who trust them because they think of them as friends giving advice. In fact, with some of our local clients whose target consumers are Arizonans, we’ve found micro-influencers who promote their product or service achieve positive results.
Here is an example of a micro-influencer who we have used for one of our clients.
Those are just a few of the advertising trends we have been adopting during the past year. If your company is not taking part in modern-day advertising that is aligned with these trends, don’t worry – we are here to help. At ON Advertising, we actively research and engage in the latest and greatest advertising techniques that have been proven to be effective. Don’t wait around: Contact us today if you want your business to thrive in 2019 and beyond.

The ON team staring at a bunch of emojis

How Emojis Help Consumer Engagements

We love using emojis! With more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world, 6 billion emotes are sent in text messages every single day. They have not only redefined how we communicate with each other, but they are also proving to have a tremendous impact on the marketing and advertising industry.

For Social Media

When we use emojis in our social media posts, we notice more engagement. They are powerful tools that help our marketing messages stick with our audience. For example, studies show that they are used in a tweet, engagement increases by 25.4%. If they are used in a Facebook post, the number of likes increase by 57% and the number of comments and shares rise by 33%.

For Email Marketing

For Chompie’s, we noticed that email campaigns that include emojis in the subject line are more successful than those that do not. Studies show that if a business chooses to include emojis in their email subject lines, open rate increases by 56%, unique opens increase by 3.29%, unique clicks increase by 6.28%, and click-through rate increases by 18.93%.

For Brand Voice

When trying to differentiate your brand from the competition, it can be somewhat challenging to find your unique brand voice. Emojis add personality to text and can make a message appear as more friendly and relatable, thus resonating with more consumers. When using them, we can add emotions to a message, ultimately distinguishing our brand voice from others.
No matter what your marketing strategy, emojis can be beneficial for generating excellent results. Here at ON Advertising, we use emojis in our clients’ social media posts as well as email marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement. We also frequently use them in our daily communication among our team members. We all have our favorites (see photo).
For more information on how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please contact us here.

Why You Should Look at Google Analytics

Here at ON Advertising, we heavily rely on Google Analytics. It is a huge part of our business, and it is helpful when tracking the results of our work. Being able to see how a website is doing in response to marketing efforts is critical to see if there is growth in website traffic and a return on investment for clientele. Nowadays with everything being online, seeing if your website could be doing better is a great way to improve your business and lead generation efforts. Here are three benefits of using Google Analytics:

1. It answers the question; why are visitors leaving the site?

This question correlates with the Bounce Rate. If there is a high bounce rate, it means that people are arriving on the website and leaving quickly for some reasons. There are multiple reasons why there could potentially be a high bounce rate. Having a team of experts available to help analyze the situation is crucial to solving it. To lower the bounce rate, you may want to look at the detailed report for Google Analytics supplies. The report could include recommendations for optimizing SEO keywords, a landing page is not attractive enough, or it is not optimized correctly. Examining the bounce rate closely and checking it is very important and could be a key factor in improving business.

2. Understand what social media platforms are working.

When using social media, you want to make sure that efforts for each platform are converting into website visits. If one platform is outperforming another drastically, consider removing or making adjustments to the lower performing platform. Optimizing each social media platform will ensure your budget is being used efficiently. It is also important to keep in mind that just because a social media platform exists, it doesn’t always mean your business needs to be on it. Industries have different appeal across platforms, ensuring you are devoting resources to the right ones will save you time, money, and headaches

3. Looking at Progress Overtime.

The primary goal of a business should be to improve and grow over time. Google Analytics can assist with that by showing the traffic flow during an extended period, i.e., annual, quarterly, etc. you will be able to fine tune your website to better resonate with your audience.
There are many more benefits to using Google Analytics. At ON Advertising, we review the results of marketing efforts on a regular basis to track our clients’ progress. Contact us to learn more about how Google Analytics has helped our clients and how it can help your business reach its goals.

Nike, Colin and the Power of Advertising

It has just been announced that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It”  advertising campaign. Nike always likes to bring an edgy yet youthful factor to their campaign that draws attention to the brand.
Public companies usually don’t like to take a stance on political issues for fear of alienating customers. However, without a worded message or political images, just a slogan and the face of a man, Nike has taken a political stance on what the company believes in a new and powerful message.

What is the Outcome?

As a result, Nike’s stock took a deep dive on the release date of the campaign, September 4th. Some people did not like the stance Nike took, and as a result, fans have been posting on social media #BoycottNike. There have been reports of people burning their own Nike shoes to show they do not support Kaepernick or Nike.

However, Nike knew exactly what they were doing; they wanted to appeal to the younger millennials and the Gen Z audience. Short term, this might have some ramifications, but long term it could potentially put them in a more favorable stance with their target audience. Nike makes efforts to show they believe in what their athletes believe in; they want to show athletes they are on their side.

Social Issues in Advertising

Right now, social activism is the trendy thing to do in advertising that attracts consumers to brands. Nike is not the only company that has tried to take a political stance to gain attention and wins over consumers. The reason behind making a political stance is that companies have realized that more attention is brought to them in the long run. Consumers feel connected to companies that take a political side aligned with their target market; it’s just good for business.

Whether one’s opinion of Kaepernick is positive or negative, Nike has received a lot of attention and publicity from the media. They have created a buzz around the brand that has caught the eye of many people. Advertisers are using bolder strategies than ever before to stand out amongst the competition. Nike is counting on this edgy campaign to resonate with the younger demographic and pay off in the long run.
If your brand is in need of advertising that can evoke emotion in your audiences and ideal clients, please contact us today!

Meet Our Passionate Social Media Manager

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to our social media star, Michelle, and the tools, tips, and tricks she uses to manage all ON’s social media accounts. Well, now we get to learn more about her personal story. Michelle Berry is an Arizona native who knew she belonged in the advertising and marketing world but didn’t know how. A few years out of college she discovered her love and passion for social media, and from there she has been able to share her talent and knowledge with the ON family and all of our clients. Read on to learn more about she spends her days in the office, what she’s genuinely passionate about, tips to staying organized in the crazy world of social media and more!

So, tell us, how long have you been working for ON?

I have worked for ON Advertising for one year this month and it has flown by.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

One thing I have been focusing a lot on is the social media for the agency. Getting a consistent posting schedule in order and making sure our brand reflects our work and the work we do for our clients, present, and future. What I learned early on in my career is if a company or brand is looking for an agency, especially for social media work, why should they hire an agency whose social media isn’t fresh and on point so it’s been my goal to have a rockin’ social media presence.
Another client that has some cool things going on is Chompie’s! They’re already a great brand to be working with but being able to implement Facebook Live videos once a month and being able to utilize the Instagram Story Highlights tool for them has been a lot of fun and it really is gratifying work. 

What would you say is the hardest part about being a social media manager?

Staying organized is probably the hardest part of my job. I’m already a pretty organized person when it comes down to it, but when you are managing more than ten clients with multiple social media platforms, it can get a little chaotic. But if you have a solid system in place, to-do lists, calendars, and checklists, to keep all the moving parts in order, then it makes life and work a lot easier.

We know how much you love your job but what are some of your passions?

Other than trying to save every animal I possibly can, I only have so much space, it would be Alzheimer’s research and working to find a cure. My grandpa (fondly known as Boppa) lost a ten year battle with Alzheimer’s about four years ago, and after his death, it was eating me up inside that I wasn’t doing anything to help aid this cause. I found out that Phoenix has a yearly Alzheimer’s walk so near the one year anniversary of his passing my mom, and I participated which was such an amazing experience but it didn’t feel like enough. And as if by some divine intervention I received an email from the Desert Southwest Alzheimer’s Association chapter asking for volunteers to join the walk planning committee. I signed up without a second thought and attended my first meeting. From there I became the Marketing and Outreach Committee Chair, grown my committee, and now it is my second year as the chair, and the third year I’ll be walking. While there is not a cure yet, the money we have been able to raise, even in just this year alone, we know is helping fund the research to help find the cure. It always feels like such a small gesture, but I know it’s helping. So really, my passion and work are almost one in the same. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I am a firm believer in data being able to tell a story of how your social media efforts are doing and what you could be doing better. I love doing the monthly social media reports for all of our clients because I get to see how the hard work as well as the small changes and ideas I wanted to try are doing. And when I look at their numbers improving it is just so rewarding. It’s that small validation that we all seek at some point or another that we have found our niche and we are good at what we do. Seeing those increase in followers or impressions is my validation.

What inspires you to succeed every day?

Of course, being able to give my animals (I actually have three cats and one dog, other two not pictured) the very best life they could ever hope for but I also put pressure on myself to succeed which can be a double-edged sword. But I believe if I didn’t put that pressure on myself I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How do you recharge?

If I have the time and want to recharge for the week ahead, I’m all about #SelfcareSunday. I take a long bath, do a face and hair mask and just sit and try not to think about anything. It can be very relaxing, but it takes a lot to shut my mind off completely. But when time is not on my side, I try to do at least an hour of yoga a day. I never thought I could be the person who thinks of nothing during their practice, but when my body is in some uncomfortable position where a pretzel is less twisted than I am, I can’t think about work. It’s so refreshing to have at least one hour a day where my mind isn’t going a million miles a minute. And it probably helps my phone isn’t near me, so I’m not always checking my emails. (And yes I am guilty of working on vacation.)
Michelle is the strong personality we need here at ON. She does a great job of managing our social media and finding new innovative ways to enhance our work. We are so grateful to have her as a part of the ON team. Her spunky attitude keeps us all going throughout the day and we can always count on her for a laugh when we’re feeling down or a Pandora station filled with new music that we haven’t heard yet. Our team at ON wouldn’t be complete without her. 

How ON Stays Safe from Instagram Hackers

Instagram can be a powerful tool. It can be an excellent platform for advertising and an easy way to promote your brand. However, a lot of your business’ reputation can lie within Instagram, and one bad post from a hacker can have significant consequences. How can you protect yourself from hackers? ON Ad has the insight!

Dual Login

Having a dual login system in place is an easy way to keep hackers from getting access to your Instagram account. Even if a hacker finds out a password, they will not be able to get in because of the second device needed to authenticate themselves.

Revoke access to third-party apps

Third-party apps are other social networks, services that alert you when users unfollow you, or a service that posts on your behalf that may have access to your account. Do not give access to apps you do not trust or apps that seem sketchy. Using the apps that are managed by the Facebook or Instagram team is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Beware of unrecognized, shortened URL’s

Some examples of shortened URL’s are:
There are more URL’s out there, some are shortened like the ones above and some are not. Either way, they look a little different than a regular, safe URL. It’s crucial to stay away from clicking a shortened URL and avoiding accounts that contain them. These links are one of the most important things to beware of on Instagram or any social media platform. They give hackers access to private information in your account by using hidden malware.
Instagram is a fun and useful social media platform for many people and businesses. But, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to lose control of an account because of trusting an unworthy source or link. By following cautious protocol and these helpful tips, you can ensure the reputation of your personal or business brand stays safe. To learn more about how we keep our accounts safe and how you can protect yourself, your business and your brand, contact us today!
For further reading, learn how an Instagram influencer had her account hacked, what steps she had to take to get her account back, and how she now protects her Instagram from having this happen again.

Contact ON today about our social media services!

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